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Hometown: Barcelona, ES

Label: Rama Music LLC

Management: Frankie Biggz

Website: www.ireneb.com

Sounds Like: Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Boyz II Men

Genre: R&B/Soul

R&B/Soul charts for Barcelona, ES
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The First Spaniard to release an English R&B Album Worldwide!!


“In addition to Bradley’s and Lorber’s high-level, tag team keyboard artistry, the musicianship on Under the Sun is equally stellar, thanks to the masterful performances of saxmen Dave Koz and Eric Marienthal, flugelhorn and trumpeter Rick Braun, guitarists Dwight Sills and Michael Thompson, bassists Alex Al and Nate Phillips, drummers Tony Moore and Dave Weckl, horn section work from David Mann, and the sultry voice of IreneB."”
Smooth Jazz Daily - Smooth Jazz Daily

“Previously an instrumental from Lorber’s 1979 ‘Water Sign’ project, it is afforded a whole new dimension by the fabulous vocals of Barcelona born and Florida based IreneB. Truth to tell she is at the heart of much that is great about ‘Now Is The Time’ and as Lorber stays with the ‘Water Sign’ collection for the intricate title cut her smoky interjections dazzle like light on water. Even better is Irene’s performance on ‘Sugar Free’ which is arguably the album’s best track. A jazzy soulful swagger, nice guitar from Jackson Jr and killer bass from Haslip all combine to make this something really special.”
Smooth Jazz Therapy - Smooth Jazz Therapy

"Curtains/BeforeWe Go", once again, we're blessed with sweet sensual sounds of vocalist Irene B on a mellow, chilled piece of work. Jeff's flowing electric piano lines with a wonderful synthesizer solo thrownin, laid back drum stylings of Jimmy Branly, Michael Thompson's light guitar strums, Jimmy Haslip's perfectly tuned bass parts, and Eric M's.tenor sax, is a song that calls for the embracement of a warm Saturday night on the beach with a bottle of chilled wine.
Randy Holmes - The Urban Music Scene

"Sugar Free", features vocalist IreneB once again in her sweet harmonic tones supplemented by the great horn arrangements of David Mann. Jeff performs a nice, but not too forced acoustic piano solo.Jimmy's bass, Paul Jackson's guitar, Vinnie Coluiata's drumming all add depth and emotion to a Smooth Jazz radio bound song.
Randy Holmes - The Urban Music Scene

"Rain Dance/Wanna Fly". (Originally recorded for 1979's "Water Sign"). Jeff kept the arrangement pretty much the same, but with a more contemporary feel. Featured are great vocals from IreneB, as well as Jeff's expert keyboard work ala Fender Rhodes and acoustic piano, trumpeter Randy Brecker trademark tone, and the "on the one" drumming of Vinnie Colaiuta. A feel good tempo, not too fast, and not too slow, just right.
Randy Holmes - The Urban Music Scene

“Jeff's remake of Water Sign is another keyboard excellence of the finest art, other musicians can only strive for. IreneB's vocal addition sweetens this delicious treat. Now Is The Time is the experience of a Jeff Lorber, many of his fans might have missed. An album full of delicate music of the best instrumentalists of our decade.”
Hans-Bernd Hulsmann - Starportrait

“I don't know, who wins the prize for smooth performance on Curtains/Before We Go, Jeff Lorber on Fender Rhodes and synth or vocalist Irene B or sax player Eric Marienthal. Anyway it's very appealing.”
Hans-Bernd Hulsmann - Starportrait

“Sugar Free is featuring a new the sweet singer IreneB. Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, she fosters the R&B scene with her album Metamorphosis, a production of veteran musician Frankie Biggz.”
Hans-Bernd Hulsmann - Starportrait

“Now Is The Time isn't totally instrumental, four of the 11 tracks feature singer IreneB ("Water Sign", "Rain Dance/Wanna Fly", "Sugar Free" & "Curtains/Before We Go"), and she favors an enjoyably jazzy R&B vocal style along the lines of Erykah Badu & N'Dea Davenport.”
iTunes USA - iTunes USA

“IreneB is a refreshing and new addition to the music scene, with a unique and highly contagious style. Her new single is a fusion of hip-hop and R&B that is destined for the top of the charts and is already receiving a lot of well-deserved airplay.”
Diana Montané, Esmeralda & Dig This Real Magazines

“The numerous accolades that IreneB has received for her outstanding work is evidenced by her prolific publications record, including an extraordinary number of Internet podcasting shows which have exclusively selected Irene’s music for consistent rotation in the top independent Internet radio cast”
Marilyn Santiago, President of Sunshine Integrated Solutions (Radio Promotion)

“As a Record Producer/Record Label Owner, I have had the pleasure of knowing IreneB for the last year. She is a tremendous vocalist and an asset to our industry of music. I feel confident that she will continue to succeed in her music abilities.”
Sergio George, Grammy Award Winner/Producer (Marc Anthony, Celia Cruz, etc.)

“I have no doubt that IreneB can adeptly meet any challenge. She has shown that she is profoundly dedicated and responsable. There is no doubt she will blossom into a strong artist in the American market”
Rodolfo Castillo, VP of Talent Beach Music & Latin Grammy Award Winner

“IreneB is working successfully with the fusion of modern rhythms, R&B & pop. This particular sound is a very desirable asset for productions in the new emerging Latin movement that is crossing over to the Anglo Market”
Iker Gastaminza, Grammy Award Winner/Producer (Shakira, Ricky Martin, etc.)

“This song has such a catchy beat and lyrics, that you will find yourself pressing repeat on your iPod.”
Kimmie - Kitten Lounge

"Sexy, gritty, and cathartic -- Forgive Me Now is a single that demands your heart and soul. You won't forget this one anytime soon."
Kyle Moreno, Host of Fresh Picked Music - KBEACH

"I've played IreneB on Joe's Jukebox before, and due to her great voice I will be playing her music again on future episodes. She has a fresh and mature sound that cannot be denied."
Joe Barrow, host - Joe's Jukebox