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Hometown: Redding, CA

Label: Consumed Worship Music

Management: Anthony Moreno

Website: www.facebook.com

Sounds Like: Pablo Perez, Laura Hackett, Kimberly and Alberto Rivera, Jason Upton, Andrew Phillip Ehrenzeller

Genre: Christian/Gospel

Christian/Gospel charts for Redding, CA
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Anthony has started houses of prayer and worship around the country and mentors and teaches on the love of the father and how to be a true worshiper. “Worship comes from intimacy with the father, you have to surrender (rend) due benevolence to our God, our King in whom we live and move and have our being”. He has recorded many albums, soaking, prophetic flow, intercessional, classical and others.

Founder of Consumed Worship Ministries, Anthony believes that he must live to do the fathers will. “We must call down what IS in heaven to this earth”. Anthony believes that he lives to show those around him that God loves them, “Living a life of laid down love is all I live for anymore, nothing else matters, no career, money or material thing can come close to a life surrendered to the fathers will”, ”I live to carry the father’s presence and love to a dying world, to the glory of the father”.

Anthony’s style of music is for the most part created in the moment, in the presence of the lord and in this atmosphere, He says, the words come moments before or through opening his bible and reciting passages as the spirit leads.

Many of his songs have been edited down or taken out of hour’s worth of material during different events and services. They can take on the appearance of pre-conceived songs