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Hometown: Vancouver, BC, CA

Website: www.facebook.com

Sounds Like: Frank Zappa, K. Sanders, The Tubes - Band, Official Motörhead, KMFDM

Genre: Metal

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Vile the Ent rose up from the Earth and decided to possess the body of an adult human male, a Vancouver musician...The result was an even stranger half-human, half-tree entity who sang Electronic Hard Rock, Industrial Metal, ROCKTRONICA music in a last-ditch attempt to save humanity from its own fatal designs. Not much hope there we realize but VILE ENT has stepped up to the plate anyway! REMAIN IGNORANT AT YOUR PERIL. TREES ARE MORE DANGEROUS THAN YOU THINK.

Vile Ent is a Vocalist, Percussionist, and Programmer who has played with Violent Christ, Infernal Majesty, and Big John Bates, to name a few. He has an upcoming 4-song EP entitled "Road Rash", the title track of which is previewed here. Featuring incredible guitar work by MrBUMP, and produced by the ingenious K. Sanders!