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Hometown: Tacoma, WA

Label: MC Entertainment

Management: Mr.Carter2

Website: Musicizmemc@gmail.com

Sounds Like: Tupac, *N.W.A*, E-40, WebbieTrillFam, Hopsin

Genre: Rap

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Booom! here i Go!! 253 born n raised! i am a Special.Person.of Intellengce.That.Tells.Every.Real(like).Story! Aka Spitters! Tacoma Aroma til i Die! 100 or nothin!
Adroit: Means Clever Skillful, expert u can say im like that but i kno im like that u can c my performances wen im n tha tac or whereva im at i gained n worked hard on my stats u can say im rookie of tha year i kno i am but did u hear? wurr's my trophy i don need it but its jus sumthin 2 b holding n recognized n greatness i got my name n gold jus like 1 of tha greatest ridin n a spaceship im something like starfox knocc u out like tyson u dont wanna box leave u n suspence like a scary movie then give em tha scene live like i wuz directin wit tookie nothin but str8 hard n cold facts quiz me i swear i aint gon b lookin like a ass but if u ask or 4 some reason u pass remember im tha Adroit person behind tha mask staccin n willin 2 make things happen wen u lamo's sittin in tha house relaxin dats just target practice im clutchin so don make me start clappin so clam down n re think on who u attackin everyday i wake i feel a chance 2 get it im so focused cant have no mo time wasted Now Or Neva!!!!


“Tha Big BadaaBoom! avalible 4 bookin and collabbs”
Tacoma Aroma! - Tacoma Aroma!