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Hometown: Nashville, TN

Label: seeking/unsigned

Management: To book Charissa contact Donna Mrowka 815-388-3091

Website: www.charissaonline.com

Genre: Pop

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Charissa Mrowka, age 20
singer/songwriter/recording artist.
Charissa has been performing since age 7 and with her own band since 10, primarily around the Midwest and Nashville. She opened for artists such as Florida Georgia Line, Phil Vassar, Hunter Hayes, Jerrod Neimann, Gretchen Wilson, LeAnn Rimes, Billy Currington, Neal McCoy, Rodney Atkins, JoDee Messina, Lonestar, Kelly Pickler, Darius Rucker, and manh more. In 2012 she released her EP "Simply Together" and released a music video to the title track in Oct. 2011 which can be seen on this site via youtube. She has won many contests over the years such as Colgate Country Showdown State Champion, Country Thunder USA, Rock the Ark Battle of the Bands, Star Spangled Battle of the Bands, Singer Universe, to name a few. Her most recent band, Charissa & Country Cross had a great 2012 and 2013 season, opening for some of the artists listed above, and performed at venues like Summerfest as well as at various venues in Nashville during CMA week including Rippy's, Honky Tonk Central, The National Underground and Tootsies Orchid Lounge.
After recently relocating to Nashville and changing up her sound, Charissa is looking forward to what the future holds.
New EP coming SOON!


“Listened more of your tunes...the first one "Hole in my head" really, 8-] geez...you got the people dancing like never before, a real mover! And your voice...its plain amazing how you can vary it like that! =) Like in the second tune compared to this is different and so is your voice! You are able to find so many colors and depths in your voice and performance that it is truly something Big..I am absolutely sure that you will make it to the U.S. outmost chart Top and stay there, there is no question about it. A talent like you, from whos peformance one easily sees that you really put yourself to the game and full force, and it all comes from directly from out of your heart. ”

“Love the vibe in every track here. Nice music and this girl can really dish it out. Very well written and performed songs”
Wayne Sanelli - Reverbnation

“You go girl...You've got the complete package!!! Good luck in everything...Gene”
Gene Michael - Reverbnation

“Wow, what a talent. I'm so excited for you. Go out there and knock Taylor off the country charts, please!!!”
John Claspell - Reverbnation

“Kim Kehala and Kim Kehala Music: Dear Charissa Mrowka & Auburn Sky Band! It took me long enough to get to your page, but it was well worth it!!! Love your hot tunes and Charissa, Gal, YOU ROCK! Loving it and "Hole In My Head" just about says it all... Sep 15”
Kim Kehala Music - Reverbnation

“Allison Janisse: Hey Charisa, Thanks so much for finding me here! You have an awesome sound and I see you going very far! Wish you all the best in all that you do! Keepin' it Country ~ Allison Sep 20”
Allison Janisse - Reverbnation

“Miss T: Well well, I absolutely love your voice...easily one of the best I've heard on RB, powerful, pretty soulful too... the band sounds great too! God bless (thanx for becoming a fan too :) ) Sep 09”
Miss T - Reverbnation

“charissa I have a daughter your age and I am very proud of her so I can just imagine how proud your parents must be of you. It is so refreshing to see a young lady as yourself doing so well and with obvious God given talent. My entire family have become fans of your music and of you. My music is doing very well and I have been asked to work with some of the biggest music artist that music has to offer. I do all of my music at the saltmine studios in Mesa arizona the studio where the Jonas brothers, Alicia Keys, Brett Michaels, Bone Thugs in Harmony, 50 cent, Tricia Yearwood, and many other famous artist mix their records. go online and see the studio by going to TheSaltminestudios.com. Out of all of the artist that I see on reverbnation you inspire me the most, and I wont forget you when I make it to the top. I will make sure the right people know who you are. God bless you and your family and never let go of the purity that I see in your heart. L.HARVEY ”
L. Harvey - Reverbnation

“Hi, Charissa. 14? Is this correct? Are these compositions yours? This is something great. Your voice is also awesome. Your tuning is so nice. I do love the energy you apply and that lovely gritty sound when you want to enphasize on your higher range. Super. I will not wish you good luck because i am sure you don´t need it. You are talented. And you ARE so beutiful, which is also a good thing in this business. Go for it!!! I am sure that in the near future you will be living your dreams. You are the greatest promise I have found so far here at RN so far. If you ever come to Spain and need any support for yout touring here just email asking for it, right? Comment on Sunday, July 11, 2010 at 10:56 AM ”
Paco Santolaya - Reverbnation

walleye - fdlreporter

Charter Communications - The Walleye Reporter

“Charissa, WHAT A VOICE, great energy, fun songs. I am happy to know you now!! You have what it takes!!! YOU GO GIRL, pretty girl. Yes, keep in touch. Susan!!!”
Susan - Reverbnation

“The moment I heard your voice I literally jumped back it blew me away; my first thought was this girl's only 13?! All I've got to say is you are a natural, you have a great future ahead of you :) May 22”
zara - Reverbnation

“ Way to Wail young lady... Way to Wail... Keep it up. Shane Lake ”
Shane Lake - Reverbnation

“Charissa Mrowka of Woodstock is finding her Hanana Montana tribute act a success this summer. She'll perform it June 22 at the annual Country Fair at Church of the Holy Spirit in Schaumburg. What started with one track on her CD, blossomed into a full one-hour act devoted entirely to Montana's hits, which premiered at the grand opening in March of the Keylime Cove Water Resort in Gurnee, and where she continues to perform the show every month.”
Eileen O Daday - Northwest Herald

“Stunning video!! I am going to subscribe to your page;)) I love country music and you are great;)) Fantastic vocals!! Well done. Kind Regards Denis.x”
Denis - Reverbnation

Garry Moore - Reverbnation

“Hi Charissa, You are a young lady with a fantastic voice singing great music!! I'm sure you're going to have an amazing future!! Good Luck in all you do, Hose.”
Hose - Hose

“Hello Charissa thank you for your very king comment and taking time out to listen much appreciated,I was totally knocked out with your voice and the musicianship.You have a very big future ahead of you in your musical journey I wish you all the very best.thank you for the friendship Kind rgds Barry”
Barry G Gutteridge - reverbnation

“Yes talent runs deep when it comes to this artist. Very professional. Great pitch and great tunes. Country mix of sorts. Great vocals and interesting lyrics. Way to go there. Apr 17”
Wayne Sanelli - ToneKats

“Amazing voice with great potential! Charisa, you're a little star now, but soon will be a big star. I'm already your number 1 fan! I wish you huge success music industry! Greetings from Romania Posted by camelia pralea on Saturday, August 22, 2009 - 6:42 PM ”
Romania - Camelia Parlea

“I love her voice!!! i agree 100% that this girl is ready for a major record deal!!!!!!!! Hope to see her famous some time soon!!!!! Posted by I <3 life!!!! on Saturday, August 22, 2009 - 4:18 PM ”
Kasey - Kasey Adams

“charissa is easily one of the BEST singers i have EVER heard. plain and simple. Posted by αbb. on Saturday, August 22, 2009 - 4:18 PM ”
Abbey - Abbey Vee

“And OMG what a voice she has. I listened to her at Reverbnation, and I was totally blown away. Even more impressed when looking through her credits. WOW An awesome little performer Charissa is. I wish her lots of luck for a long successful career. Vicky ”
Vicky - Vicky

“think your voice is AMAZING. i saw you last year, i think, at the illinois state fair, and i think you're gonna be really famous one day. like HUGE HUGE.”
IL State Fair

“Charissa! You sound a million time BETTER than Miley...and I actually like Miley! I love you very very very much! Love, "Mrs. BAuer"”
C. Bauer

“you are amazing Charissa. you blew me away when i saw you for the first time and everytime i see you, you just keep getting better and better. reach for the stars kiddo, the sky is the limit!”
Bonnie J. Schipp

“Charissa, this is such a great clip! I LOVE seeing you play GUITAR! We ALL know what an amazing SINGER you are, but it's also a treat to see how you have grown as a musician too! Awesome job, Charissa! You are going to be such a big STAR!!”
Lynn Carey Saylor

“Charissa & Auburn Sky Band to perform at the 32nd annual "Onalaska Sunfish Days" May 24, 2008 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Omni-center in Onalaska, Wisconsin.”
Randy Erickson - Holmen Courier News

“Charissa Mrowka, age 11, of Johnsburg, IL wins the State title to the nation's largest country talent search, "COLGATE COUNTRY SHOWDOWN" at the Wisconsin State Fair, August 2, 2007.”
SARAH SUTSCHEK - Northwest Herald News

“Charissa & Auburn Sky to perform at the 29th annual "Midwest Horse Show" in Madison, Wisconsin on April 19, 2008.”
Midwest Horse Fair

“Charissa Mrowka, age 11, wins Wisconsin State title for Colgate Country Showdown!”
Erin D. Burr - Nashville, TN


“Charissa & Auburn Sky Band to perform at Lakewood Country Music Fest”
Lakewood Wisconsin


“Charissa & Auburn Sky Band to perform Walleye Weekend”
Walleye Weekend

“Charissa Mrowka to perform Hannah Montana Tribute Show ”
Eileen O. DaDay - Daily Herald

“Charissa & Auburn Sky Band to perform MAIN STAGE "PALATINE STREET FEST"”

Cathy Pescinski - Harvard Chamber