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Hometown: New York, NY

Label: Belpid

Management: God

Genre: Rock

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Amy Madden is a songwriter and bassist who began as a 1980’s regular at CBGBs and other New York venues. A writing member of the New York bands The Shivers, The Gift, Elektrik Skin, Cruel 13, the Theoretical She's and Friction, she recorded and toured in the mid-1980’s with Seattle-born rocker and Geffen artist Adam Bomb, sharing the stage with members of Poison, The Cult, Motley Crue and The Rolling Stones.
Moving to London to pursue a solo career, she achieved creative recognition and significant airplay for her EP ‘Minor Disturbances’ recorded with Jon Gordon (Suzanne Vega, Madonna). Her single ‘Hotel Ruin’ featured the accordion of Charlie Giordano, currently a member of Springsteen’s E street Band. Meanwhile she continued to play bass for legends like John Lee Hooker, Johnny Thunders, and appeared with artists from Wayne Kramer to Johnny Winter, Dr. John, Willie Dixon, Paul Butterfield, Hiram Bullock, Robert Quine and Chris Spedding.
Back in New York since the 1990’s, she has appeared regularly with blues artist Jon Paris and drummer Steve Holley for more than 20 years, opening for George Thorogood and Johnny Winter on tour, and as a band, supporting artists from Phoebe Snow to Johnny Copeland. She appears on all 3 Paris cds, as well as several film soundtracks. More recently she participated in Rhys Chatham’s The Crimson Grail performed and recorded live at Lincoln Center. She also played with rocker/songwriter Alan Merrill, Swedish guitarist Clas Yngstrom, and contributed bass and vocals on several original Swedish projects while in Stockholm.
Currently she appears regularly with Jon Paris at BB King's and other NYC venues, as bassist/vocalist with Alan Merrill's electric trio, and is a member of Pale Moon Gang/Dig With Caution/Nightcrawlers (Richard DevGreene/Mark Brotter). Along with Bobby Torello, from Johnny Winter's 1970's band, she is also part of the Ricky Byrd power trio (Deuces Wild).
As a writer/poet, she maintains a website of essays (www.writerlessblogspot.com) and has also published a novel 'Losing My Accent' which is available for download on Amazon/Kindle. Her narrative-in-verse 'Scars' was released by Belpid books in 2015 (Amy Madden Taylor) and can be purchased on Amazon, and distributed on most book-vending sites. There is also an ebook/Kindle version.
In August 2012 she released a solo cd of all-original music written for an indie film soundtrack with guest appearances from Holley, Paris, Jon Gordon, former King Crimson composer and member Ian McDonald, jazz violinist/cellist Rob Thomas, and saxophonist Danny Walsh. Titled 'Discarded Angels', the 14-song cd was released in Sweden on Belpid Records and is available for purchase or download on cdbaby and iTunes.
In 2012 Amy was inducted into the NYC Blues Hall of Fame.
Her cd (September, 2013) 'Hotel Ruin and other (vintage) Minor Disturbances and B-Sides' is a download-only collection of 13 all-original songs from the 1980's, including her British vinyl EP, some analogue rarities and live recordings. Available on cdbaby and itunes.
A new double-album of all-original music is forthcoming, as are further volumes of poetry.


“It has been tough to make ends meet as a musical artist, she admits. “I don’t know how I get by, but I really love my life.” Playing bass is “quietly demanding. … It’s really about feel and about listening,” she says. “I feel that I really understand it now.””
Katherine Greenwood - Princeton Alumni Weekly

“Amy's breathy vocals are never little-girlish but belie the sexual savvy of a mature woman. No where is this more evident than in the first track, 'Killing', a song that wraps itself around your mind and then stays stuck in your head. She paints vivid canvasses throughout. In 'The Red and the Blue', she writes, "pour my whiskey in a crystal glass, spill my blood with a blue guitar", a song slightly reminiscent of Tom Petty. Yet, each piece has its' own flavour musically. Madden's poetry is not for the faint at heart - she spills her guts with great abandon and lack of remorse.”
Reginae Now - Amazon

““I’m a ‘blue-collar bass player,” she says. “I play real simple, instinctively and with great joy.” Paris, she adds, forced her to sing.”
Jim Bessman - The examiner.com

“Discarded Angels by Amy Madden is not a pop album. It is personal, and heart felt. The lyrics are written like spoken word poetry. Telling a story perhaps not intended to be insightful about the author, but like all good art, glimpses of the creator shine through. Amy has something to say and she lays it out like Lou Reed, or Scott Walker. You may not know what she is talking about, but you get the idea that she clearly means it. She doesn’t dilute her medium with over production. Keeping the canvas simple, she delivers much stronger broad strokes stabbing at her story. This is the type of album that an artist can be proud of, but few people will ever buy. I recommend track #6 “Kathy.””
Voluble - The High Cost of Free Music