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Hometown: Chicago, IL

Label: Tonetribe Wrechords

Management: Link

Website: ofwolves.bandcamp.com

Sounds Like: Sepultura, Megadeth, Slayer band, Misfits, Metallica

Genre: Metal

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Hailing from Chicago, the fully awakened beast that is Of Wolves is a unique three piece that focuses on releasing energy through music as therapy.
OF WOLVES consists of three driven individuals who are out to force the evolution of mankind through their music, topics and imagery. This intense trio is Steve Sherwood (guitars/vocals), Jon Kulpit (drums/back up vocals) and Ivan Cruz (from Yakuza) on bass. Of Wolves take pride in their ability to use their instruments to transmit sonic vibrations directly to the core of their fans & shock them out of their trance-like state of social programming & control. Of Wolves is all about intensity and a lack of any usual musical boundaries. Not being caged or boxed into one sound genre or style gives them a unique freedom that limit most bands. Frustrated with the commercialization of his favorite heavier genres, Sherwood set out to produce a form of hardcore music that would remain 'real' & vowed that his music would never fall victim to the restrictive mold of the corporate cookie-cutter. These freedoms allow them to go where their rage and emotions take them as a band without compromise. The therapeutic release comes straight through the songs with subject matter many of us are also feeling. Disillusion & greed, corruption and injustice, a deep seeded frustration with the current issues of our world, jobs, our governments, our economies, politics, religion...It is very real & you can feel it. And even better you can see the release, the therapy the music provides to the band and their fans. If these guys were not letting out all their anger and frustrations through their music, they'd probably be in jail or on the news.

The songs on Evolve were written about various subjects that angered Steve over the years. Subjects that are direct relationship to a working class life. Everyday stress, disillusionment, social injustice. Anger. Politics, Religion. These songs are directly in touch with the world around us and have been waiting to be unleashed upon the masses to de-program and slap those still sleeping (the sheeple) wide awake with brutal force and honesty.

The debut full length CD EVOLVE and the uniqueness of this band will be a refreshing change and an addictive new musical fix for all those who witness their fierce and straight forward approach and want something new and different.... a slap in the face, a wake up call to the masses.

Of Wolves is currently in the studio working on their follow up to Evolve and guarantee to show their fans they are constantly evolving as a band while playing everything they love without holding back or bending to the will anyone or anything.

This is the year OF WOLVES

Join the pack! Stand up, help raise awareness, educate, fight tyranny and corruption...it is our time to wake up, unite and evolve!

Bio? We are a band, we play loud and hard because we have to its therapy.

Here are some bio ideas from our fans, feel free to send us your own!

1 part anger, 1 part intensity and a mixture of blood, sweat and piss a mixture thats sounds like a sudden punch to the throat

Three angry fucks hear us roar

Sounds like someone taking a chainsaw to a guitar, while blowing up a building full of kittens?

A anti-political bunch of musical making psychos who hate the system and the lies who want you all to know there are no choices or parties or teams that we are all on the same damn team its us verses them! So they make music as a release instead of burning churches and blowing shit up

A band of three who wants to force the evolution of mankind through ugly forms of screaming and distortion sending out vibrations into your molecular structure that will shock you to your inner core and bring about a revolution of the mind and spirit while decimating religions and governments and every other form of control and programming

CAUTION----Vibrations made of distortion and screaming that will decimate the programming in your brain (if ringing in your ears or bleeding persists please see a doctor)

A demon, a priest and a politician driving a captured slave ship through the blood of the elite while eating popcorn and whistling Dixie

A very unique and heavy blend of what these guys like to call "Therapy" a mix of all things heavy from Metal and Punk to Stoner/Doom and Post Punk When you see them play drenched in sweat you know 110% is given at all times.


“You guys are like the Dead of Metal and Punk. I can just listen to you guys play for hours”
Big G - Spoken

“Pissed, fast, unhinged. My kinda shit.”
Chris A.

“You guys were a wrecking crew live. Keep up the great work!”
Mike P. - Facebook

“We are not doing our best unless we are either on the verge of passing out and or hurting ourselves....”
OF WOLVES - band conversation

“You know you're doing good when shit's falling off the walls!”
Kegan B.

“Wow, I did not expect what you did on stage and what I got from it was that you get up there and something takes over, and Of Wolves is what comes of it.”
Dina D - Facebook

“Your drummer beats the shit out of his kit!”
Mike G.

“It was great to see you and the entire show was of a huge therapy to me.”
Ms. D - email

“Love the new stuff! You guys kicked ass tonight!”
Steve M.

“People were scared”
Female fan at the Double Door

“It's not angry, it's intense.”
Lee Popa

“No, its angry”
Steve - reply

“Damn Good gutter punk!”
Kegan B.

“Really enjoyed your set last night! Love me some "Buffalo Nickels"!!! I think someone ate a shit sandwich!!!”
Mike G.

“friggin' heavy!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Jim T. - Facebook

“HAAA Steve great band,,Get your ass to Braurhouse OK..”
Ted T. - Facebook

“HOLY Fu*k are you guys loud!!!!”
so many we forget - so many we forget

“Damn! thats you? I should be in your band instead of .....”
Matt S - .....

“wow, who is this? Heavy Shit!”
Matt S. - hearing a live show at buzzbomb

Ted T. - Facebook

“Wow. . . really nice nice nice music! I love your sound! Original! Awesome! Heavy!! Very very very well done!”
-Neal Century - myspace comment

“damn thats some heavy shit brau! ”
some dude

“Sounds like Henry Rollins back in the day meets Cro-mags or something”
a friend of a friend - at a show

“Guys my neck still hurts!”
comment on myspace?

“turn it down!”

“I heard some Shellac in there!”
some other dude

“looks like you just got outta the pool up there”
dont remember

“Turn it up!”
not many