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Hometown: Bangalore, IN

Website: www.myspace.com

Genre: Metal

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A new decade upon us! Since 2007, Inner Sanctum has been evolving from an underground project band into one of India’s premiere metal outfits and one of Asia’s constant parameters in the thrash and death metal genre.

In 2009, Inner Sanctum entered Resonance Studios to record “Provenance”, their highly acclaimed first release! Blessed with a crushing sound, courtesy Lasse Lammert, LSD Studios, Germany and Resonance Studios, 4 tracks of the band’s own characteristic style unleashes rage upon the listener; storming, violent, old school infused metal. This record made its way into various top ten lists for 2009-10 and has more or less pushed the boundaries of metal music in Asia.
Inner Sanctum has over the years earned critical and commercial acclaim and has even numerous awards including the Band of the Year 2007 (Levis), Band of the year 2009 (headbangers.in) and Best Emerging Band of the year (Jack Daniels Rock Awards).

The story so far... Inner Sanctum was formed in the early months of 2007. Chintan and Michael, the founder members having played with each other for several years decided to join forces and form a band that would best express their influences in music. Tejas who previously played with Chintan for an old school thrash metal outfit, Premonition returned to Bangalore and was roped in as the second guitar player. In search of a drummer and vocalist the trio auditioned several but zeroed in on Abhinav (ex Illusion) and Gaurav, thus completing the line up.

In the summer of 2008, Tejas left the band to complete his higher education enabling Rajeev (ex Inviktus) to take up guitar duties. Since then the band has had its strongest line up.


“Inner Sanctum is a young five piece that delivers a no-nonsense style of metal that's sprinkled with elements of death, thrash, traditional, and even a wee bit of progressive flavor, making for an impressive first release.”
Aaron Yurkiewicz - Metal Rules

"'Provenance' is the first EP to be released by India’s Inner Sanctum, but its production and musicianship resemble a group that has nailed down its sound and is ready to head off on a world tour."
Metal Underground

““INNER SANCTUM! That one name that instantly conjures up violent images of broken arms, bruised head and limp bodies from a delirious moshpit.””
The Metal Observer

““With tracks that obliterate the listeners with a melange of total mercilessness and absolute absence of relent, Inner Sanctum’s debut strikes all the right notes from the word ‘go’.””
Shoubhik Roy - Split Magazine

“As soon as I hit the band’s myspace and the tunes started playing, more than any eloquent or brutal inner thought, the one word that came to mind was “woah.””
Navjot Kaur - Headbangers India

“‘Provenance’ is nothing short of a 10/10, and you absolutely MUST go and get yourself a copy soon. No excuses.”
Vilasini Muralidhar - headbangers.in

“Demonstrates a maturity that older bands have tried for years to achieve and failed (Provenance Review)”
Deepti Unni - Rolling Stone (India)

"These guys are pretty much the next big thing in India"