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Hometown: Providence, RI

Label: www.75OrLessRecords.com, FatCat Radio Network

Management: Vaughn Zealand

Website: www.verticalTwinRocks.com

Sounds Like: Grand Funk Railroad, The Supersuckers, Foghat, The Ramones, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Genre: Rock

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Formed in a secret bunker, on the site where during World War II, a Federal Communications Commission Signals Intelligence Division facility intercepted German HF communications. Because of this, in 1946,the area was considered as a candidate for the location of the headquarters of the United Nations. Instead, it is the secret lair for our evil empire hell bent on world domination. We are currently writing our manifesto, with guitars!


“Best Alt Nation Albums of 2012 Top 5 albums 1) Vertical Twin-ElectroSonicMotherPhonic 75orLess Records A late walk-off win for Vertical Twin, that I may regret later. But for now, I can't stop listening to the damn thing! 2) Mark Cutler-Sweet Pain 75orLess Records Sweet Pain has some killer tunes like "Come out into the night" and "walking into the woods" 3) The agents - Steady Forward The agents hit it big by mixing a little soul into their staple ska, with tracks like "Hope" and "maybe Tomorrow" 4) Skinny Millionairs - Easy Tiger Giant Robot Records The skinnys have had a few lineup changes but hopefully things have settled and they are ready to rip. 5) Groundhawgs-Warbirds 75orLess Records Pop Punk fun never gets old and these guys are one of the few bands I don't get bored watching play.”
Marc Clarkin - Motif Magazine

“Vertical Twin keeps churning out the biscuits like madmen trying to beat the clock. This power trio is one of my favorite bands for delivering high tension wire rock N Roll. I'm probably being a bit rash saying this, but their third release, ELECTROSONICMOTHERPHONC, is already my favorite in their arsenal. ELECTROSONICMOTHERPHONIC comes out of the gate swinging with a one two combination, "Swampy" & "Palatine". It's complete with Vertical Twins standard brand of motor punk(they once had a motorcycle solo on an earlier release) meets 70's Hard Rock. I'd liken Vertical Twin to bands like Kyuss or maybe a faster Sabbath, then to a 70's punk band (although, there is surely some of that there too) . "Zealand" and the instrumental "Electrosonic" are stoner rock freak outs. "Bed Made of Sleep" reminds me a little of Graveyard. Last year Vertical Twin took the best punk band award. I would not be surprised if they went on a run of epic proportions sewing up that award. They have my vote.”
Marc Clarkin - Motif Magazine

“Providence band Vertical Twin return on this stellar effort. Recorded by guitarist and singer Joe Traynor, this CD has a major label feel. Vertical Twin have the urgency of Dinosaur Jr. with the pro feel of Urge Overkill or the Jam, with a couple of heavy Robin Trower breakdowns thrown in for great measure. I knew Vertical Twin were great live, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard the vocals clearly before. So that’s what the hell he’s talking about! It took a long time to hear their studio release but the wait was well worth it. This band has something for everyone from ’70s hard rock to the best of the grunge era. Extra points for the black and white album cover by Ryan Tesser that doubles as a coloring book. The CD even comes with a box of crayons. Nice package, big guy! Um, can I take that back? The box of crayons, that is.”
Eric Baylies - The Noise Boston

“VERTICAL TWIN 75 or Less Records Geezer Wheelie 6 tracks I’ve never heard a 75 or Less record that I haven’t found strangely appealing. Fate has dealt me three compact discs from three different bands on this label, including this one, and just like its label brethren, Geezer Wheelie is big dumb party-hard rock with grungy stoner-riffic riffs, juvenile beer-soaked lyrics and bargain-basement Building 19 production—I don’t hate it! The fact is, as I write this, I’ve been painlessly (and soberly!) listening to this Vertical Twin EP on shuffle and on repeat. I’d probably even white-boy dance to this if I wasn’t so busy typing. Just ignore that CD cover.”
Tony Mellor - The Noise

“Vertical Twin won the "Best Live Act" category in the 2012 Motif Magazine”
Motif Magazine

“Vertical Twins sophomore release, Geezer Wheelie (75orlessRecords.com) is another does of motorpunk thunder. Vertical Twin have one wheel in 70's stoner rock and the other one in punk rock. Tunes like "One with the Asphalt" and "Rabbit" remind me as much of Foghat & Grand Funk Railroad as they do of the Supersuckers. My favorite tune on Geezer Wheelie is "Rainbow Unicorn" which sounds like a '60s phychedelic garage rocker on amphetamines.”
Marc Clarkin - Motif Magazine

“VERTICAL TWIN | GEEZER WHEELIE | VERTICALTWINROCKS.COM "Their song cloud drips motorcycles, mental illness, and sex," reads the 75orLess presser for Vertical Twin's self-titled debut EP, and VT's second installment, Geezer Wheelie, follows the same entertaining trajectory. The six tracks summon thick riffs and mucky chords made for crushing beers (fans of Supersuckers will eat this up). Vertical Twin saw some lineup changes prior to Geezer Wheelie, with drummer Tommy Riendeau and Brian Sheehan joining guitarist/lead vocalist Jose Traynor. "Bounce," "CrazyX," and "Rabbit" are barroom thumpers, and the gnarled riff on "One with the Asphalt" goes great with Traynor announcing, "It's all blood, sweat, and beers." Pick up Galvanize and Vertical Twin discs at 75orlessrecords.com. ”
Chris Conti - Providence Phoenix

“Vertical Twin wins the Providence Phoenix best Punk/Garage Category. 75orLess Records continues its stranglehold on this category, with relative newcomers Vertical Twin claiming the throne from defending three-time champs the Jesse Minute. Vertical Twin released its second EP, Geezer Wheelie, earlier this year, with a ringing endorsement from the 75orLess PR camp: “Their song cloud drips motorcycles, mental illness, and sex.” Drummer Tommy Riendeau keeps the pace brisk (teetering on off-the-rails) while vocalist/guitarist Jose Traynor and bassist Brian Sheehan are all high-kicks and beer-soaked punk swagger onstage, riffing mightily on the power jams “Bounce,” “Rabbit,” and the supremely badass “One with the Asphalt,” where Traynor howls, “It’s all blood, sweat, and beers.” Download both VT EPs on the name-your-price platform at verticaltwin.bandcamp.com or scoop up the Geezer Wheelie disc for just $6 at 75orlessrecords.com.”
Providence Phoenix