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Hometown: Seattle, WA

Label: 작은 용, Jag-eun Yong, Little Dragon Studio

Management: Jillian Graham: jilliangrahammusic@gmail.com

Website: jimgrahammusic.com

Sounds Like: Carbon Based Lifeforms, Zero Project, Ambient Indigo, S1gns Of L1fe, Massergy

Genre: Ambient

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Creative, Beautiful, Uplifting. Ambient/atmospheric/chillout by composers Jim and Jillian Graham. Music artwork and sound design. Cinemagraphic soundscapes

Jim and Jillian Graham's latest Ambient CD release "Surfacing" (2014) is a 20 track multi-faceted body of work filled with dynamic composition and sound design. The tracks are intelligently composed and crafted giving a sense of expansive space and time. Layering acoustic instruments; bass, vocals, guitar, percussion, with electronic washes and sound texture creates atmospheric soundscapes that take the listener on a unique sonic journey. This CD expresses the depth and breadth of their musical creativity. Take some time to listen- you will be moved.

Jim's second CD "Connexion" (2013) Jim and Jillian experimented with using musical and non-musical instruments; bowed bass and guitar, egg slicer, kitchen whisk, computer heat sink, kalimba, cajon, upright and electric bass, keys- to name a few. They also collaborated with Medication Club on the title song.

Jim's first CD "Where Angels Go to Rest" 2003 Jim's beautiful, melodic and sometime haunting bass compositions and looping techniques have been given international acclaim. http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jimgraham

Professional bassist by trade, Jim performs as a session musician, in music theater productions, film scoring and music recording sessions, and plays in various bands. In addition to playing bass, guitar, percussion and keyboards, Jim also plays all genres of music- ambient, blues, pop, rock, country, Latin, jazz, ambient and classical.


"The album Connexion by Jim Graham is a multi-faceted ambient chillout album, which provides much more than soothing background sounds. It contains 11 complex and intelligently composed tracks, of which each has it’s own little story or message. My impression is, that Jim Graham is a seeker for the good and harmonic in the world, without being just a stupid esoteric believer. The industrial sound nuances and the sometimes distracting mechanical artifacts show that he’s aware that we’re living in world full of struggle and alienation. But every track also tells a story of relief, forgiveness and hope, without drifting into shallowness. Not to forget to mention the wonderful voices and vocals by Jillian Graham, who enriches the one or the other track. Connexion is a really beautiful concept work and you should allow yourself this little hour of pure sonic storytelling."
Frank Meyer - Darage Bang Ambient Music Reviews

“I am absolutely blown away by the tracks on this album. Pure quality all the way. Great work!”
Vidar Skaget - Medication Club

“We are lucky to have you again" Janet Pope, Executive Director, Seattle Musical Theatre”
Janet Pope - Seattle Musical Theater

“Jim - any music director would be lucky to have you on their team.”
Carine Hutchison - Seattle Musical Theater

“Jim is one of the best musicians I have had the pleasure of working with since being in the US. He is incredibly talented and extremely skilled at playing Bass. He is also a great team player with a very good 'ear'. Go Jim! your fan, Henta.”
Henta Ellis - Indabamusic

“Jim Graham Where Angels Go to Rest" 작은 용 Jag-eun yong Records. In another turn of styles and intentions, Where Angels Go to Rest is not Angelic Music in the classic sense. Jim Graham uses processed bass — electric and upright — to create this ambient treasure — and that is the right term! These simple atmospheres are perfect resting spaces for tired souls and spent energies. The deep pockets of serenity encourage and facilitate regeneration of the mind, body and spirit. The space music textures give the set variety and strength. This is a smooth end to a glorious ride. The adventure started with an introduction to our Angels. We followed them through their healing journeys and allowed them to unwind and — finally — to rest. This endless journey is played every day in our lives and in the lives around us. We are lucky enough to be observers and participants! MUSIC REVIEWS By Jim Brenholts http://www.awarenessmag.com/”
Jim Brenholts - Awareness Magazine