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Hometown: D Hanis, TX

Label: Real Country Records

Website: www.facebook.com

Sounds Like: George Strait, Alan Jackson, Chris LeDoux, Good Ride Cowboy, Daryle Singletary

Genre: Country

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Preston Coly’s earliest performances were as a 5 year old in the churches of Southeast Texas where he was born and raised. But the love of Country music and the gift of a guitar for his 16th birthday overshadowed any other thoughts of what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Preston also had a passion for horses, which led to a stint on the high school rodeo circuit and ranching jobs as a horse trainer.

While training horses and working other various jobs for several years, Preston also sang in every contest, dance hall, beer joint, ice house, honky-tonk, county fair, and rodeo in Texas. Encouraged by friend and mentor A.V. Middlestead, owner and producer of Sound Masters Studio in Houston, Preston felt he should consider taking his songs beyond the Texas music scene. A chance meeting with George Strait’s manager, Erv Woolsey, at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo seemed to be the sign Preston was looking for.

Upon arriving in Nashville, Grammy Award winning Poducer Brien Fisher partnered Preston up with record producer Greg Cole. Fisher produced the Kendall’s hit song “Heaven’s Just A Sin Away” and believed the young singer/songwriter and up-and-coming producer would make a perfect team.

For the next several years, Preston wrote, recorded, and pitched songs on Music Row during the day and performed at various clubs at night. One of these club gigs was at “The Trap,” a venue owned by earlier acquaintance Erv Woolsey. It was after a few years of hearing Preston perform original songs in his clubs that Woolsey offered Preston a staff songwriter position with Muy Bueno Music Group where he crafted his material for several years.

Preston is still currently writing and performing around Nashville, back home in Texas, and everywhere else Country Music is in demand. His heart’s desire is to carry on the tradition of his heroes who built the genre he loves…Country Music. He hopes to continue the legacy they started for both veteran and brand-new Country Music fans. "Real Country Records" has released His album entitled “HOLD YOUR HORSES” and it is now available on all digital download and streaming sites