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Hometown: Thessaloniki, GR

Website: www.myspace.com

Sounds Like: Living Testament Tour

Genre: Metal

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Acetic Voice founded in early 1988 by FLIP (vocals) DAI (bass) MAD-MAX (lead guitar) and MANIAC-JIM (drums). Soon Marianne (rhythm guitar) followed the band and they made their first appearance on 26.6.1988 in the festival of the Municipality of Thessaloniki sharing the first position with VAVEL.
Marianne soon left the band, been replaced by Thrashman-George. This line-up released the first testing Acetic Voice demo entitled "UNDER ATTACK" on November 1988 and performed live in manys clubs of Thessaloniki .
In March 1989 MAD-MAX and Thrashman-George left the band to form MEDIEVAL DEATH being replaced by Tweedy and Zak. In that line up AV recorded " TERRORIZED FROM FATE "demo (trial demo-only for fun club) on August of that year. MANIAC-JIM soon left the band , been replaced byZic-Clarke and Johnny replaced Zak as well .In that line-up they opened the concert of DESTRUCTION in October 28 1989.The big change came when RIGGO replaced Tweedy (who after formed exhumation) and AV recorded their 1st official demo/tape-disk called "BEHIND BARS" in late 1989-early 1990.They continued performing live headlining a festival in Kavala and opening the concert of SACRED -REICH and many other concerts as headliners. RIGGO, Zic-Clarke and Johnny left the band in 1991 with FLIP and DAI changing various musicians for the band until DAI left, and RIGGO returned in1993. That line-up of the band were FLIP (vocals), RIGGO (lead guitar), Costas (rhythm guitar), Stelios (Bass) and Simos (Drums). They released the " LED TO CONFUSION" 2nd official demo (but "live recorded" demo-late 1993) and continued performing till their last appearance in the club ZERO in May 1994.
In September 2009 the band reunited. Bands current line-up (like 1993's) is FLIP (vocals),RIGGO ( guitars),KOSTAS V ( guitars) , ANTONY (bass) and PANOS(drums)and they are currently working on old and new material.


“DR PHIBES was originally written in 1990 . A new version of the song is availiable on ACETIC VOICE page on Reverbnation and Myspace”