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Hometown: Joplin, MO

Label: NA

Management: R.C. Terry

Website: www.myspace.com

Genre: Metal

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"Redhorse" is the new face of American metal! Fueled by the sting of betrayal and the human condition, "Redhorse" was formed in early 2010 by Chad "REV" Terry (vocals), Scott Ashley (guitar) and Jess Johnson (drums). Full of monstrous riffs and lyrical madness, the sculpted sound that is "Redhorse" was not truly found until the arrival of David Legion (guitar) and Flu (bass). Mixing breakdowns known to the hardcore scene with gorgeous melodies and screams borrowed from your nightmares is Redhorse's specialty. This machine-like quintet is laced with mathematical brutality and the grace of audio perfection. "Redhorse" is currently recording their self titled debut EP, which is scheduled to release in early 2011.


"The true talent of all members makes for a Live Experience that cannot be missed!"
Rob Jones - Chaos Inc.

"That is the Earth Shattering Force that is RedHorse!"
Rob Jones - Chaos Inc.