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DJ PHAKZINO on move....moving
Born in Lesotho’s capital town, Maseru, for music, his full name is Phakiso Paul Mokhatla
Phakzino started his musical journey as a young disc jockey (DJ)/producer in Lesotho, and became increasingly known for his cool and fresh sound that “takes you on a journey through paradise and the eternal warmth of summer” on every track he spins.
He began spinning by the late 90s, making a name for himself as a resident DJ of Lesotho, spinning alongside heavy weights like DJ Tseko, Thabbie, Tsidoski, Pozzino and various others.
His passion is none other than House Music and, naturally, the sum of its variations such as: Vocal House, Soulful House, Deep House, Afro House and Tribal House. Some of his mayor musical influences are well known Lesotho hip-hop artist, Benni B; Star Underground; bjoen; and various international producers who have impressed upon his talents over the years.
He was introduced to the music industry as a member of a group called Star Underground and later he went on to sign a record/production deal with Mighty Records Inc. teaming up with DJ Spele under the name Street Version, working on a self-entitled project focused on a specific genre of house music. Phakzino is currently presenting as a DJ on his own national youth TV show, Urban Jamz, screening on Lesotho Television on Saturday evenings.
Phakzino is constantly seeking variety, uncommon sounds and creativity and is for ever on the search for that specific sound in house music that will further inspire his fondness for non conventional producers of the newer generation.
Phakzino’s passion for his music and dedication to its development have culminated to the introduction of a company called House Shakedown Entertainment Company, which is a business established for the purpose of taking house music to a whole new level in Lesotho.