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Hometown: Perth City, WA, AU

Management: 80 Five Entertainment

Website: www.kibmusic.com

Sounds Like: Lupe Fiasco, Common, Wiz Khalifa, 2pac, NAS

Genre: Hip Hop

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Ethiopian-born rapper KiB represents the sheer heights the next generation of Australian hip hop is reaching. Youthful and musically dexterous, KiB effortlessly infuses a range of ideas and sounds into a slick, R&B-tinged style, placing musical elements of his East African heritage right next to state-of-the-art hip hop.

An enthusiastic and gifted poet since childhood, KiB (born Kibrom Hailemariam) started taking music more seriously around 2007, writing, recording and taking his first major steps down a path of self-expression. As he learned his craft he started gaining more attention at home in Perth, becoming a prolific artist; steadily releasing singles and video clips over the next few years to increasing media attention, with 2011's Holiday and 2012's Love Game and Someday (feat. David Ray) each showcasing more of KiB's unique African-Australian style.


““"KiB Is Putting Rap On The Map Down Under"””
Lacy aka Uncle Earl - Ultimate Underground

“Love Game ft Nantale “Nice energy! You certainly have potential!””

"Rappers struggle to balance the depth and originality in their art with the actual sonic value of the music, but this dude just puts good raps to good beats- no fuss, no muss, and it works great!"
Dovi Henry - hiphopcanvass.com

"Holiday, This is a top tune, got that old school vibe, lyrics are excellent, all in all this is excellent".
Andros Georgiou - Music Consultant - www.iplacemusic.com

".... the beat on If All U Got Is Music is pure '90s West Coast. However, KiB clearly has no gangster delusions. This song is an ode to the joy of music, and he distances himself from the hype of the scene with his thoughtful, open-hearted rhymes."
Aleksia Barron - The Drum Media

"...(If All U Got is Music) The single is a great intoduction to the rapper, showcasing his unique flow, and abilty to rhyme with lyrics that focus on true meaning and substance."
Demelza Goudie - The Secret's Out Magazine

"KiB's brand of music is as genial as the man himself. Even though he admits to having his fair share of fights growing up, he is no fan of gangsta rap riddled with bling, babes and bad attitudes."
Simon Collins - The West Australian Newspaper

“4.5 Lead Vocals: 4.5 Musicianship: 4 Lyric Writing: 5 Music Composing: 4.5 Melodies: 5 Song Arrangement: I really like your outstanding lyrics and smooth delivery. You present the lyrics with confidence and in a polished manner.”
Eugene Foley - Foley Entertainment, Inc. - Music Industry Consultants