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Hometown: Winchendon, MA

Management: Hal Pederson

Website: Nancy Despres

Genre: Folk

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Friendly Folk, primarily based in NH and MA, presents a wide range of live acoustic music for audiences of up to 200 people at concerts, restaurants, festivals, and other venues in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Their repertoire includes Irish folk music in the tradition of Makem and Clancy, country ballads, sea shanties and songs of the working class by recognized North American artists such as Stan Rogers. Bookings of one or two hours are available. Please e-mail Halped06@verizon.net for price information for your particular need.

Hal Pederson toured New England as lead singer in the Irish folk group, Blarney Stone, for over 15 years. He accepted a position teaching physics and math at The Winchendon School, an independent college prep school in Massachusetts, where he remained for nine years. Hal had started Friendly Folk as a duo a few years earlier, and after retiring from teaching in 2009, Hal reorganized Friendly Folk as a trio with Nancy Despres, but sadly, Nancy passed away in May of 2012.

Linda Markey
Linda is a folksinger entity of her own and a Renaissance faire performer at various faires throughout the New England states. She has her own Reverbnation site where you can hear many of the songs from one of her CDs. (Just type her name into the Reverbnation “search” window.) After hearing each other a few times, Jeanne, Hal, and Linda decided they would sound very good together and should form the trio of “Friendly Folk with Linda Markey,” which would provide performances with strong three-part vocal harmonies, along with their variety of instruments; guitars, harmonica, pennywhistle, dulcimer, and sometimes coconut shells. So, whenever possible, Linda will join, “Friendly Folk” for any performance for which we are asked to play.