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Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Management: welderboy management

Website: www.maybethewelders.com

Sounds Like: Talking Heads, The Clash, David Bowie (Official), The Smiths, Nirvana

Genre: Rock

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Two vocalists, two guitars, and a solid rhythm section pound out songs that demand you come back to listen to the lyrics after you're done dancing. Influenced by Talking Heads, The Clash, Bowie, The Smiths and NYC, Maybe the Welders is the band you've been waiting to hear.


"Angst riven lyrics rail against the current state of affairs... this is carried out within the context of some superbly constructed melodies. The music is uncomplicated and the mixing desk is kept as simple as possible, giving the material an added air of credibility."
Tim - Indie Bands Blog

"Hailing from New York City and possessing all the vigor you’d expect, Maybe The Welders slid right into first for this week’s New Music Monday."
Angela - Infectious Magazine

"Maybe The Welders are one of those bands that take me back to my own personal music roots (Gang of four, the Clash, Talking Heads, and tons more) Maybe The Welders define that generation in a “Now music era statement” and I am ecstatic to have this band in my music ears today! They are a perfect example of what rock and roll needs back and that’s character, respect and style with real attitude and know how! “This band is Fierce.” They are going to “Give the music to you directly”, on music tracks or live!"
Forkster - Forkster "rOCKS It oUT"

" A Good tune and use of lipstick" (Bartlett's Quotations video) http://youtu.be/qRvQGV-kynY
Greg Mocker - Tribune Company Greg Mocker Facebook

““I am consistently blown away by their tremendous rock 'n' roll energy and truly amazing songwriting. Their latest EP is no exception and may well be their best work to date. A real pleasure to work on and listen to.””
Grammy-nominated, Jeff Lipton (Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, Radio Head) - Peerless Mastering

"No inferiority complex for Maybe the Welders Brooklyn's Maybe the Welders brought their self-described “punchy, infectious post-punk rock” to Les 3 Minots on St-Laurent street last Friday night, playing a short but explosive set characterized by an intense on-stage presence."
Myles Dolphin - Montreal

"Brooklyn-based band Maybe The Welders played a set that was wired to the moon. High energy punk performed by passionate people filled the bar with good energy."
Brian Keegan - Forget The Box

““Mr Ribakoff” has a very strong rhythm ,an interesting narrative and storytelling aspect."”
Salomão Terra - Opperaa

"Greg and Declan scramble out into the audience, roll around on the floor, and howl about subjects like making babies." "Greg's voice, guitar, and songwriting style sound a little like a cross between David Byrne of Talking Heads days and Eddie Argos of Art Brut."
Charlotte Deaver - Bolts of Melody