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Hometown: brooksville, FL

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Genre: Blues

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We are the Red Rockits. The blues duo from Spring Hill Florida. Robert on Drums, guitar, vocals, and Allen on Drums, and Guitar. We perform both stipped down acoustic folk music as well as heavy drum and guitar rock and roll. We have been cutting our teeth in the Tampa Bay area for the better part of a year and a half. We have performed over 60+ shows all around the Bay area. A few of those shows being massive performances at State Theatre in St Petesburg FL. We have just released our first record. Written over the last year and recorded at Smoke and Mirriors studio in Spring Hill. Tampa bay's own Absence drummer Jeramie Kling produced her for us and couldnt recommend him enough with all the help he provided in making this a reality for a couple of blues dudes. We're live on Jango.com. Currently streaming to all the world. Bringing our own blend of rock and roll to the masses. We plan on making music for as long as you'll have us, or untill or ear drums can't hear anymore.For more information check here


“The Red Rock/Its are a blues duo, I must proudly say are from Spring Hill, Fl. With a mixture of old folk music and great rock n roll. Another amazing feature, is Florida’s very own Absence drummer, Jeramie Kling produced this album in our local studio “Smoke and Mirrors”. I strongly advise you to give this album a look. The first song to this album has no words which are not even necessary. Generator is a great hit of a melody with the mixture of the bass and drums mending together powerfully. It will immediately have you nodding your head along. As it goes into the 2nd song, Way You Got Me Now, you just get a feel of old school rock with a little of new mixed in. The lyrics are very strong and can easily relate to many situations in relationships where confusion of letting someone hold onto you but letting the person go as well. Read the full article here http://www.imastainzine.com/red-rock-its-the-benifit.html”
Tonie M - - imastainzine

“Red Rock/its are a Tampa based two piece who grind out dirty folk-rock infused blues reminiscent of The Black Keys, with a little Eagles of Death Metal thrown in for good measure. Call it garage rock, call them a jam band, Robert Gambino and Allen Adams do what they do very well. I'm stoked that they're local, because that increases the likelihood of seeing them live as much as I want to - and it looks promising - they kept up a pretty massive gig schedule last year. "Stay," an old acoustic song the gentlemen wrote, which became a track for a five piece band after Rob and Allen enlisted the help of a few friends. This is an incredibly solid, incredibly rocking blues number, featuring some really gorgeous, compelling vocals from Gambino - we love it.”
Melanie, Executive Editor - Tampa - The Ruckus

“It's not easy being a "little blues band trying to stand tall in a death-metal community." Robert Gambino, lead singer and guitarist for the Red Rock Its, isn't referring to his home town of Spring Hill when he says that. He and his partner, drummer Allen Adams, are trying to cut their way into the Tampa/St. Pete music scene. But instead of chopping off heads Kill Bill-style with razor-sharp Samurai swords, they spread with rusty butter knives chunky layers of homemade blues and rockabilly onto bread fresh out of the oven. Adams said the two-man instrumentation does present a challenge. It was their mutual love of Led Zeppelin — the iconic British heavy metal band with a one-two punch of blues and folk — that brought the two together. They plan to press an 11-track vinyl LP. Of course, there likely will be a CD and downloadable version, but it's the vinyl format that gets them excited.”
Timothy P. Howsare - Hernando Today-Tampa Tribune

“In the world of bluesy garage rock, the two-man band dynamic has proven mostly solid: The White Stripes, the Black Keys. The Red Rock/its are looking to keep the mojo going. Singer/guitarist/drummer Robert Gambino and guitarist/drummer Allen Adams sprung from the ashes of Spring Hill's Knight Flight, and have emerged with a sound that mixes acoustic rockabilly folk with gritty, rollicking blues-rock. "We're trying to bring back music with a lot of soul," Adams said. "Good storytelling as well. Where folk music took you to a place you had never been, just by putting the record on your turntable." Creating a dynamic plugged-in sound with just two people has been a challenge, Adams said, but they're getting the job done, booking a number of shows in Tampa, on the strength of both their acoustic and their electric material. On Saturday at 7 p.m., the band will play at Sacred Grounds Coffee House in Tampa.Later this month, they'll play at Tre Amici @ The Bunker and the State Theatre.”
Jay Cridlin - Tampa Bay Time's Artist of the Day