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Hometown: Ojai, CA

Label: AxyalNode@gmail.com, Axyal Node LLC, PANGAEA'S PEOPLE (Global Arts Network), The Hills Have Ears

Website: www.gnos-tel-jah.com

Sounds Like: Portishead, K-OS, Living Legends, OutKast Official

Genre: Hip Hop

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Gnos-tel-jah is more a family than a music group. US.G and David Will have been friends for life, and US.G and Ari Vox are married. All three have different influences, but what comes out is something unique.


"I have always had a difficult time with rap, but I don't at all with your work! The messages are well conceived and expertly communicated, but the music is really enjoyable to listen to for me. This is art!"
Michael David Sherwood - Liquid Audio

"Absolutely amazing! Everything you do is just brilliant my friend. It is always a pleasure to stop by and listen to your music. Flawless work!"
Tapped Out Beats - Liquid Audio

"An honor to listen to your prolific music. A higher consciousness is obviously at work here... and your creations are full of the spirit of life!"
Sierra Revival Project - Liquid Audio

"This is the most progressive Hip Hop/Rap I've ever heard. I love the way you spin your words. So insightful and so cool."
Joy@Play - Liquid Audio

"You guys have brought something new to the table, I am telling you....this is why your rise in popularity is happening and because the music is fresh. Lyrical, and poetic...that is whats up! I totally love that you all have a formula that is working.... You got this! Great job!"
BillyD - Stereofame.com

"The band shows their love for the spoken word genre with 13 “chapters” which are 13 separate spoken tracks. Any fan of Outkast, Gnarls Barkley, or of spoken word will thoroughly enjoy “Becoming” as it is a new and innovating CD."
Shaun H. - RadioIndy.com

“Hey, what a fantastically creative breath of fresh air you are to the hip hop scene. Your songs are just brilliant and fazcnating. Great work guys. Love, joy and peace and truth to you....... Rag ”
My Scarlet Red - Reverb Nation

"Wow! Not only are you one of the best artists I've ever heard...you're also extremely prolific! I also really like the, "Chapters"...extremely beautiful, philosophical, and true. All thumbs up to your twenty-six masterpieces...I had to sample them all!"
Alex Final - Stereofame.com

"Always a pleasure to stop by and say hi. Music here is addictive and amazing. Thumbs up my friend. Wayne"
Tapped Out Beats - Stereofame.com

"The first thing I thought of when I began listening to your music is that you are performing. There are a lot of up and coming rappers that don't realize that you have to perform your lyrics not just yell them out. Thanks for performing."
Kem Williams - Stereofame.com

"I love your songs. What's cool about them for me is I cant classify you. You dont fit into any mold, you are creating your own."
Project Hayes - Stereofame.com

"These are not tunes I just have playing in the background, they deserve full attention. The Lyrics really are deep and make you think. I love it when music challenges you to look at yourself and the world we live in."
Project Hayes - Stereofame.com

"Your music is impeccably executed. I am not very knowledgable in hip-hop/rap but your tunes I can respect. And I enjoyed my listens very much. Will definitely drop by again for some more."
Alex Campo - Stereofame.com

"Thanks!! An honor coming from an artist with such outstanding mixes and arrangements. Love the orchestral nature of your song build. Your songs are very meaningful in their sound and lyric. Big fan...Jeff"
Jeff Pailer - Stereofame.com

"My new official favorites on your album are, "Midnight Swang", "Herd The News", "He's On My Back", "What's Really Changed", and "So We Walk". My favorite chapters are, Chapters 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, and 13. ;)"
Alex Final - Stereofame.com

"You are welcome! My pleasure. I don't listen to much (if ever) of the genre you rock in, but I must say that I was impressed with what you are doin' for many reasons e.g. social consciousness message, unique production ideas, etc. Thank YOU for listenin' to my stuff too!"
Ron Rutherford - Stereofame.com

"Great stuff, Grant!!! Your style and substance are familiar yet unique due to your stretching of the boundaries and exploring new territory.The future is yours with your pushing of the envelope. You are a star...long may you shine!!!"
Ron Rutherford - Stereofame.com