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Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Label: Assinck Records, PANGAEA'S PEOPLE (Global Arts Network)

Website: www.facebook.com

Sounds Like: Frank Zappa, The Chemical Brothers, Martin Denny, RUSH, Well Trained Monkey

Genre: Other

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Well Trained Monkey is the recording and performance name of my one person electro-funk Calypso band. I play alto saxophone, electric and acoustic guitars and electric bass, along with beat programming, sampling, synths, and mixing. I like to describe the music as having a style somewhere between the 20th Century tropical sounds of exotica, Calypso, and swing with 21st Century DJ-style dance rhythms, sound fx, synths, and live instrument improvisation, sort of a "Martin Denny-meets-the-Chemical Brothers-via-Frank Zappa" thing. My debut album "Electro-Funk Tiki Lounge" was released in February of 2011.

As for the name, it derives from an incident when a temp company called to tell me they had three days of "filing work" for me to do. I reported to a warehouse. The supervisor said hello, sat me down at a desk, and opened a crate with a crowbar. Inside the crate there were some boxes, and inside each box was a plumbing screw with some metal shavings, burrs and such. The supervisor pointed to the threads on the screw and said, "Ya see where these little metal shavings are? We need you to FILE those!" and he handed me a metal file so I could get to work. "I am a Well Trained Monkey," was of course my next thought.

I also enjoy performing regularly around the Minneapolis/St. Paul area with my bands The Laundry (reggae) - (debut CD "First World Problems" now out)!; Glasshouses (modern dance), and sitting in on sax with Rolling Stones tribute band Stoned Acoustic and blues band Mr. Blue. I also was a featured performer on guitar and saxophone with my good friends The Whiskey Sournotes.

Please contact me here or at wsayres@yahoo.com for live shows and collaborations.

Recording Credits:

* The Laundry - "First World Problems," 2012. Compositions, Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica, Alto Saxophone.

* Well Trained Monkey - "Electro-Funk Tiki Lounge," 2011. Compositions, Alto Saxophone, Electric Bass, Beats, Programming (Fractal Music 2000 & Rhythm Rascal), Guitars, Didgeridoo, Synths, Samples, Electronics.

* Michael J. Sheehy and the Hired Mourners - "With These Hands: The Rise and Fall of Francis Delaney" Glitterhouse Records, 2009. Alto Saxophone on "Fight for Your Right to Fight."

* The Lost Marbles - "King Solomon's Lost Marbles" 2008. Alto Saxophone.

* Rube - "Another Gone Record." Jazz & Milk Recordings, 2007. Alto Saxophone, Upright Bass.


“Well Trained Monkey spans genres while remaining true to his own electro-funk style. The classic “Yellow Bird,” made famous by Harry Belafonte (among others), is a favorite of Well Trained Monkey fans. His updated version, with his sax playing out the melody, gets people dancing at the bars and nothing is lost on the album. ...While some listeners find electro music to become tiresome after a few minutes, Electro-Funk Tiki Lounge delivers a lively mix and changes the pace with enough frequency to keep the listner engaged. ”
Monica - St. Paul Examiner

“This is remarkable music. It sings like a series of tapestries made from those elements of charm from the many types of music that float my boat, woven harmoniously together and presented anew, yet with the integrity of each constituent element somehow remaining wholly intact. I call that Magic!”
Exile Pots - ReverbNation

“Wow sir, tough skills, brilliant arrangement. You're not well trained, you're EXCELLENTLY trained. Love that Yellow Bird. Respect. Cheers from Indonesia ! LunariaN”
LunariaN - ReverbNation

“Great music! This Yellow Bird is very relaxing...Zappa is getting happy! Hugs from a brazilian fan...”
AleXperiments - ReverbNation