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Hometown: Laguna Hills, CA

Management: Jeff

Website: www.looselogiconline.com

Genre: Hip Hop

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“Kicking it off with a bang on the Logistics record straight from the “Intro” track. Loose Logic has lots of other artists joining forces with him on this album to bring you some rawness that sounds like it’s straight from the cassette. Favorite tracks include: “Intro,” “International Cyberspace,” “Don’t Stop Lovin’ Me,” and “Losing My Mind.””

“The first single, “I-Rok,” is currently burning up the internet and local radio, with a menacing guitar chord sizzling under a punishing drum kick. So if you want to be a part of the new guard of Hip-Hop, if you want to hear what someone who is actually trying sounds like, give Loose Logic a listen.”
Van Lathan - Rap Pages

“White boy got bars? Yes indeed. He’s also got the ambition and focuses on the aspect of a mixtape; nothing put freestyles are what you get here. Some of the beats may be played out but with fresh talent like Loose Logic grazing them, you’ll enjoy. Did I mention DJ Ill Will and DJ Rampage are backing it?”
The Sermon's Domain

“Whether you’re looking for substance, multi syllable rhyming, club tracks or feel-good music, Logistics has been created to accommodate all types of mood and rap fan.”
Ryan Maxwell - Hip-Hop Kings