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Hometown: Nashville, TN

Website: www.thedeanmartinis.com

Sounds Like: Grand Marquis, Davina and The Vagabonds

Genre: Jazz

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Say hey, DaddyO, let me tug your coat about The Dean Martinis. Put these six cool cats in the mix and you'll have an instant lip-smacking, hand-clapping, boogie-your-woogie good time. Stirring up a heady brew of jump blues, swinging jazz, and 1950's New Orleans R & B, The Dean Martinis keep the dance floor jumping all night long, yet manage to give the wallflowers something to hang their hats on. When they aren't playing the music, chances are you will see them out dancing to it. So, if you need your joint to jump, shake things up with The Dean Martinis!


“The Dean Martinis have all the swing and schmaltz of their namesake, St. Dino of Boozetopia. On songs like “Library Anne” and “Monica Erotica” the Dean Martinis pour on the dry wit while shaking and stirring some sauce-y swing.”
Sean L. Maloney - Nashville Scene

“You guys individually have amazing talent, and when you all come together, it defines synergy”
Matt Charette - Beyond The Edge

“I highly recommend a round of beer and The Dean Martinis to anyone in need. Easy on the ears, beautiful to the eyes - these guys have it all!”
Jill Kares - Sharkbait Studios

“The Dean Martinis are one of the hippest acts we’ve had here in our eight year history. They are as close as it gets to being in the real French Quarter District.”
Dennis LeCour - French Quarter Cafe

“We went over and checked these guys out and they are awesome! If you get a chance to see them - GO!”
Connie Katimi - Alley Kats Swing Dance Club