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Hometown: Florida, NY

Genre: Other

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BURN$Z is a rapper in the Futuristic Music genre. He invite you on a mind blowing journey into BURN$Z "World of Words". Digital Conspiracy is his album. A. Dacunto is BURN$Z wife and co-founder of Cash Castle Music. We DO NOT use social network sites to promote BURN$Z and this site is not used to socialize. DO NOT share us ON ANY social network sites. WE ARE ONLY on Reverbnation.


“The music out now is GARBAGE! All ya'll wanna be rappers might wanna take lessons from BURN$Z... The brother got his shit together and his rhymes are for only the SMART listeners... BURN$Z is dope.... ”

“In life you grow up listening to your parents, as you mature and go through life you learn to listen to your mate, then you find a hobby and music is mine... and then if your lucky you hear BURN$Z. He is an amazing artist and the best I ever heard!!! His rhymes are extraordinary.... ”
I listen to BURN$Z in the ER - Dr. Steven Shultz

“HATERS NEVER GET AHEAD IN LIFE... THIS MAN IS A GENIUS!!! The music is hot and "Candi" is on the money.... This album is going to go down in history. God bless, and good luck to all the other artist out there; YOU ALL are going to need it. Keep spitting that knowledge brother.... ”
Martin Johnson

“I am a Forex trader and I heard your song "Robot Money" at a Forex EA Conference, I went crazy. Drippin' Paper!!! Hottt!!!”
Nelson Goldstein, Forex Trader

“Finally something different, I was sick and tired of the same ole rap stuff until I heard your songs, I am going to let everyone I know hear this.”
Sam P

"you got my head nodding...good stuff man"
Live Piano Man- James Clarke - ReverbNation Artist

“After meeting with you and your wife I must say I am blown away with the both of you. You are brilliant and talented. You have a future in this business, keep spitting that knowledge to all the new artist as well as old. I support you and Cash Castle 100%. See you soon.... ”
President of a Private Recording Company - Tony Avaluchi

“You touch on things that no artist dare touch on and you do it with class. You are a CLASSIC! Keep feeding the world with information through your music.Your wife is a great woman and a support that all men should have in this business. I Look forward to doing business with you. ”
Anthony Avaluchi - President of a Private Recording Company

“Your music has something for everyone. You are truly a WORLD rapper. I especially love that you are totally independent, more power to you. Lastly, GAB$Z is adorable a product of the KING OF RAP.”
Samuel B. - Diplomat

“BURN$Z--- WHAT IS NEXT!! your music is on fire... ”
Big A

“I can't wait to hear the album "DIGITAL CONSPIRACY". So far the 3 songs are hot!!! and Candi is fire, she adds flavor to the music...”
G. Martinez

“I can't wait for "Digital Conspiracy" to drop. Traffic is sick!!! and The Future is mind boggling! Hot music!!!”
Benjamin Russell - Benjamin Rusell

“BURN$Z... You are the RAP SCIENTIST!! You are the reason why rap is still in the game. If you haven't bought the mixtape, what are you waiting for? BURN$Z got the Italians behind him on this one... LOL!!! ”
Angelo Capone - A Fan

“This is the best stand alone rapper I heard in a longtime. After listening to "Fraternity" I was thrown for a loop.. and then DEJA VU "..release Dimethyltryptamine.." who is BURN$Z? What rapper even knows this stuff..Wow...”
Mike Hudson -Message from our download page!

“This mixtape was worth the price...what a blast of intelligence and pure skill. I let my friend hear it and he thought BURN$Z was on the radio or a superstar rapper...its beautiful to be independent”
Michael Clair- Satisfied Customer and Fan

“No matter what beat you give BURN$Z he will burn it down. ... BUY BURN$Z mixtape CA$H CA$TLE VOL.1 ”
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