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Hometown: Vancouver, BC, CA

Website: www.myspace.com

Sounds Like: Thin Lizzy

Genre: Alternative

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22nd Century is a rock band from Vancouver, formed in 2007. 22nd Century's members include guitarist/vocalist Tim Plommer (Anthill, Little Green Planet), guitarist Jesus Krysler, bassist Duane Chaos(Stress Factor 9, Ace Koden, Driven Force, Centerfold) and drummer Zippy Pinhead (of hardcore punk bands D.O.A.,[1] The Dils[2]
Satirically, 22nd Century are the best 4 piece hard rock trio that ever existed. Forged in the styles of Thin Lizzy, Sloan, the Foo Fighters and GreenDay, they deliver a hard punching, satirical and uncompromised hard rock sound. Their first CD, ironically entitled “The Twenty Second Century”, raised their international profile when the first single held the #1 spot on the Somojo U.K. Indie charts and charted in the top 5 for over 3 months. Fans familiar with the Foo Fighters will hear the same grunge influence in songs such as “Let Me Be” (released 2009) which garnered an honorable mention in Billboard Magazine’s 2009 global song writing contest. The band followed up by touring to San Francisco to New York and Los Angeles. As one reviewer reported, “they accompany their sound with fist pumping, mosh-worthy live performances”.
The band returned to Canada to cut their second CD “Where’s Howie!?” back in Mushroom Studios. which was released Jan 6, 2011 on Bugnut Records. The CD was instantly picked up by international radio stations. Once again choosing legendary producer John Webster (Motley Crue, Aerosmith, The Cult, Cher the band recorded a full length follow on CD while their live shows continued to increase. While the 2011 follow on CD “Where’s Howie!?” included remakes of Martha and the Muffins “Echo Beach” and Angel City’s “No Secrets”, the title track “Howie the Skid” along with “Runaway”, Teenage Underwear Model and “U Generation” quickly became fan favorites. During the time of recording, 22nd Century placed 1st place via popular vote in a nation-wide Indie contest sponsored by Supernova entitled "Band on the Run".
The band released a satirical video for the first single entitled “Teenage Underwear Model” which caught the attention of many notable music pundits. Avengers front woman Penelope Houston saw the video and vowed only to appear at a San Francisco, US show if the band played performed it in their underwear, which was quickly complied with when she appeared in the audience. While the video climbed to over 100,000 views on the internet in 8 months, the second video “Howie the Skid” has achieved over 35,000 views in the first 3 weeks.
In 2011 local Vancouver, BC guitarist Jesus Krysler joined the 22nd Century on second guitar playing live gig as the band headlined one of Vancouver's biggest summer street festivals. Jesus Krysler had played a prior performance with the band under the name “Phat Lizzy” during a benefit conference for victims of the Japanese earthquake in March 2011. The band has also helped raise over $40,000 for charity by playing free at Tunjifuze, the proceeds of which have been used to build school houses in Tanzania, Africa. The addition of the fourth member has boosted the bands live sound to being a solid studio-like composition with multiple dimensions and epic rock looks.

22nd Century achieved a string international of rankings by appearing on the front cover of L/A/ based Punk Globe Magazine. While locally ranked as Vancouver’s #1 Indie band they have arrived in the upper threshold’s of indie charts such as Reverbnation and Jango, often outperforming signed artists in terms of shear numbers. The group is busy writing their third studio album.

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“VANCOUVER, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ - Following up on 2009's successful debut CD "The Twenty Second Century, Canada's 22nd Century released "Where's Howie?!!". Produced by legendary rock producer John Webster (credits: Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Scorpians, Motley Crue) and mastered by Todd Simko (Pure), Where's Howie was recorded in Vancouver's Mushroom studios and released Jan 6, 2011 on Bugnut Records. The 10 song CD includes covers of Martha and the Muffins "Echo Beach" and The Angel's (aka "Angel City") No Secrets which charted in Australia as high as #8 in 1980. 22nd Century recorded the new CD with punk rock superstar Zippy Pinhead (The Mutants, The Dils, D.O.A.) on drums to fill the void of Glen Gaupholm who left the band in 2009.”
PRNewswire - PRNewswire

"Tim Plommer, Duane Chaos, and Zippy Pinhead deliver a full-fledged musical smackdown with their self-titled release. Gut busting guitar, thundering bass, and powerful percussion set the stage for Plommer’s angst-laden vocals that are one part pissed off punk and one part grunge master general."
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