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Hometown: Dhaka, BD

Label: Unsigned

Management: Biplab Das (+8801710564604)

Website: www.facebook.com

Sounds Like: † Cradle Of Filth †, Psycroptic, Cannibal Corpse, Necrophagist, Children Of Bodom FOREVER! lml

Genre: Metal

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Band Biography : SATANIK is a Bangladeshi Technical Brutal Black Metal band formed in the year November, 2001 the band’s name got inspired through the theme of “The Dark Side of life". Initially, the line- up consisted of Shawon on guitars, Kakon on vocals & Bass, Xem on vocals & Rhythm guitars & Rupom on the drums. Due to personal reason there have been some lineup changes until 2008 with Xem on vocals ,Shawon on guitars, Nayeem on Guitars, Rubayet on Bass, Rumel on Keyboards, Sajib on the drums. In 2005 the song ONTIM NIDRA in was released in Band compilation album called PROBAURTON from a local label called RB-series, thus getting attention just as black metal was gaining importance in the local metal scene. Then SATANIK became a regular performer in the underground Metal scene in Dhaka, & Chittagong in Bangladesh. In the mid of 2007 the second single track DUANON was released in the Band Compilation UNDERGROUND-2 from a local label G-series. The next following year in 2008 new single MRRITO JODDHHA was released in band compilation album called OVVUDAUY from label MBI records. In the beginning of 2009 the band decided to compose original material in ENGLISH for international Promotions. In 2010 the band was invited to submit their first English track called ENDURED NOTHINGNESS in a Band compilation called NAKTALA METAL PALLY volume 1 in Calcutta, INDIA. After the release of ENDURED NOTHINGNESS, the song was air played in much independent radio station in USA and Europe. After that the band started composing new original materials in English to find a record label to promote their songs internationally. In 2011 another single AZRAEL was released in the band compilation album called REPUBLIC from label G-series. In the same year, SATANIK went to recording again for the track CEREMONY which was released in the band compilation album called METAL DOMINATION from label G-series. Again in 2011, the single AZRAEL was re-released in EVILIL DEMIOM - ASIAN BLACK METAL COMPILATION Part I and it was presented by Frameshift Initiatives (India), Dark Desolation (India) & Raaksha Studios (Srilanka). In the following year the track CEREMONY was re-released in RADIO DIABOLUS NEWCOMER EXTREME SAMPLER Vol.1” from Germany bringing a great exposure for the band. In the meantime band lineup saw major changes again due to member's personal reasons. Showmik joined in as the new guitarist as Nayeem became unable to continue as a permanent member due to overseas study purpose. Still as he is highly committed to SATANIK, he will continue contributing. At the end of 2012, the new line up consists of Xem on vocals, Shawon on guitars, Opu on bass and Sajib on drums. Shawon & Xem are the only founding members remaining. Over the years, SATANIK have played with many locally established metal bands. During their existence the band has been subjected to lack of support for extreme metal in Bangladesh and other misfortunes, but this did little to stop them and only strengthened their resolve to push on.


“Hailing from the capital of Bangladesh - Dhaka, today we have on board Satanik. Satanik call themselves a Technical Brutal Black Metal band. Formed in November 2001, in a very dismal extreme metal scene in the country (which still continues to be very backward), the band has come a long way from being just only a garage band to one of the most experienced bands in the country. Our writer Vikas Khokher caught up with the band in a candid conversation.”
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