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Hometown: Los Angeles / San Francisco, CA

Website: www.JANELUI.com

Genre: Pop

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2010 YouTube's Music page feature :: "Illusionist Boy"
2009 YouTube's Unsigned Pick :: "Long Ago"
2009 1st Runner up Kollaboration - The Shrine, LA
2008 Best Recording Nominee - San Diego Music Awards
2008 Winner of Kollaboration - Ford Amphiteatre, LA
2008 Sony uses "Firefly" on Mylo, wireless gadget
2006 Sony uses "Freddie Goodtime" on Mylo, wireless gadget.
2006 Best Female Performer :: SD Honoring Acoustic Talent Awards
2006 Best Keyboard Player :: SD Honoring Acoustic Talent Awards

Listening to singer-songwriter Jane Lui’s music is like watching a Michel Gondry film. Her instrumentation and vocalization have a whimsical, homemade feel that is inventive, magical, masterful and intimate. Jane integrates left and right brain to produce her own videos with piano, guitar, xylophone and harmonium, not to mention Ikea wine glasses, handmade music boxes and fireplace brushes against walls. “You’re poor in college -- don’t have stuff, so you make it up."

Goodnight Company, Jane’s third album set for digital release October 5, 2010 and on CD, January, 2011 builds on her previous successes with debut Teargirl and 2008 San Diego Awards Best Recording Nominated follow-up, Barkentine. “Goodnight Company has the most production value. Using PledgeMusic.com, Lui raised over $11,600 in two months to fund the album. “I couldn't believe how much people wanted to help and it’s made the project more real now that I’m responsible to my fans."

Jane’s silvery, husky voice slips comfortably into R&B, Pop, Country, Folk and Jazz. Critics liken her to Joni Mitchell, Fiona Apple, Cat Power, and Rufus Wainwright. She has opened for Jason Mraz, Vienna Teng, Jay Nash, Jim Bianco, Kate Earl and Tom Brousseau among others on national, Canadian, Australian and UK tours.


“There is something about California-based singer-songwriter Jane Lui. Her music for me is “down to earth cerebral.” When I say that, I mean her tunes warm up my brain like reading Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason and at the same time cool it like a mouthful of brain-freeze inducing rocky road ice cream. If my description is vague, it is because her songs are just like that: beautifully hard to label.”
Tim Reyes - PopTimes

“Though the opening tracks have a decidedly electronic slant, the remaining numbers, with Lui’s inclusion of choral arrangements, jazz percussion and a wind ensemble, could’ve been plucked from a Broadway stage show. But Lui doesn’t linger inside these orchestral flourishes for more than a brief, playful moment. Rather, she allows the listener a glimpse of one or two theatrical scenes, and just as quickly tucks them away to keep you wanting more.”
Justin Roberts - San Diego CityBeat

“.. when backdrop of production economics and self-made marketing strategies fade out what's ultimately on display is an exceptionally talented songwriter, gifted arranger and classically-trained multi-instrumentalist with a drop-dead gorgeous voice. Goodnight has the goods -- and ranks easily as one of the year's best finds.”
Direct Current Music