Pagan Hellcats / Press

"Damn! Why'd it take me so long to hear this latest album? Wonderful stuff, with horns and steel guitar and clear unfussy sound and a batch of dynamite songs. Turtles and Byrds might be my song of the year, unless it's You Again, or Northwestern. I can't say this is unexpected but here's a record that requires a fully-functional Repeat button. In this case, just because I said it DOES make it true..."

Tim McLain - McLain's

“The Pagan Hellcats music "... relies on the basics - well-written songs, beguiling, hook-laden arrangements and fine vocals. Guitarists Dave Rutter and Diane Rodelli trade songs and lead vocals, harmonizing over Americana that ranges from folk-blues to ragged barroom rock....songcraft more enduring than colorful dress-up." ”

“Wild Place, the Pagan Hellcats LP, straddles the line between reflective, easygoing roots and supple rock sinew, not unlike Neil Young. ... These songs... like old friends, so honest, affable and unpretentious, you want to invite them back. The subtle skill of the playing only becomes apparent with additional listens, yet it rises above the well-stocked roots rock field....”