Packway Handle Band / Press

"...the Packway Handle Band is a ridiculously well oiled machine on this album "

“Do not pigeonhole what you think you know about Jim White, nor of the Packway Handle Band; they all are pushing their boundaries to move into new territory musically.”

“While Take It Like a Man sounds nothing like the album Steve Earle made with Del McCoury in 1999, the idea and end result is just as intriguing and enjoyable.”

“While the disc splits the song’s authorship evenly, it’s clear that the spirited bluegrass backing works to push the sometimes melancholy White into more upbeat musical waters. Conversely, his often offbeat, edgy words give the PH quintet something more substantial to chew on. That’s especially the case on the peppy singalong “Not a Song” and when White redoes his own “Jim 3:16” to get his “a bar is just a church where they serve beer” chorus the energetic country backing it always deserved.”

"This is how I like my bluegrass served up – dark and passionate, with a side of blood."

"The Packway Handle Band mixes dark themes and old-time religion with a uniquely modern folk aesthetic that pins down just what American music is all about."

"One thing is obvious to all: The Packway Handle Band is not your father's bluegrass band."

"If you like Chatham County Line and/or The Avett Brothers, then you should catch this perpetually touring five-piece for a trad-absurdist experience delivered from exceptionally seasoned youths."- David Eduardo, Flagpole Magazine Athens, GA

"Southern music is a big influence on Billiter and he admits that shows in the lineup. 'The South is full of storytellers,' he said. The Packway Handle Band, an alt bluegrass band from Athens, Ga., is one example...'They are a perfect example of melding traditional music with modern Americana,' [Evan, concert director] Billiter said."

"Packway Handle's strength is in its cohesiveness. Vocal Harmonies and string syncopations lock together like Legos.…" -Aspen Daily News.