Pablo Ablanedo Octet / Press

"With his latest effort, Argentine pianist/composer Pablo Ablanedo pronounces a sense of joy. In the liners the artist emphasizes that this work "alludes to the happiness of creation." To that end, Ablanedo and his octet disseminate a set of emotive musings via a Spanishtinged luster combined with polychordal horn charts and more." (4 ½ stars)

Glenn Astarita - Down Beat Magazine

"Pablo Ablanedo Octet is hot. However, to describe the octet in simple terms is to do the group a disservice, because their performances on From Down There are exiting, complex, intricate and fun."

Katie DeBonville, - Northeastern Performer (US)

“About From Down There - "Argentine composer Pablo Ablanedo makes a disarmingly gentle but firm debut notable more for his ascetic, introspective writing than his low-profile piano. This band plays the through-composed and chamber-like pieces understatedly rather than in-your-face, slowly unfolding a mature, inclusive world vision." (4 stars) ”

Fred Bouchard, - Down Beat Magazine (US)