45/Music / Press

“Diggin ur flows...Stay on that grind!”

Danny Greene Reverb Artist

“Nice to hear something so unique here on RN. This was a total pleasure! All the best to you!”

Vespertine Valor

“Cool sounds...lots of energy...fits in w/ what's goin on w/ music right now!!!”

Em E. (QUEEN OF AFRO POP) Reverb Artist

“Diggin the Denver music...keep it up! I bet your hella tight live!”

New Profession Reverb Artist

“I like what I hear FAM. Keep up the good WORK. Much Support!”

Mac Mar (Da Bay EL Nino) Reverb Artist

“Love your style!! And congrats on your success in Denver!”

Orbia Hatcher Reverb Artist

“Awesome Music!! Music bridges all gaps emotionally!”

Casey Picou Reverb Artist

“Fabulous Tracks!!!! Pure Delight!!!!”

Pace Ride Reverb Artist

“Nice sound man! keep it up bro!”

GhostWriter Aka RainMan Reverb Artist

“Nice music! keep up the good work!”

Money Bizzle Reverb Artist

“Hey I'm really feeling your sound! Much respect!”

Aaron Pape Reverb Artist

“Great work! Your music is fantastic!”

Dani-Lynn Reverb Artist

“Awesome Tracks!”

ILL WILL Reverb Artist

“Great music! Keep it coming!”

IMPURIA Reverb Artist

“Nice songs, Good work!”

Diavoloops Reverb Artist

“Great music!”

Yolanda Foxx Reverb Artist