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“Joe Dobl is a truly accomplished musician!!”

Jodi DILiberto - Reverbnation

“Love the creativity! the soul is the greatest instrument that resonates!!”

Alyn Keltic (Reverbnation Artiste) - Alyn Keltic


BUCHANPRODUCTIONS (Coreetta) - ReverbNation

“Great talent!!Wonderfull sound!!”

“Hello Pepe.Iike all your songs here!”

“Came to check the vibes!!!! Stayed to love the music!!!! Great Songs!!!! Great Sound!!!! Very Nicely Done!!!! PEACE & LOVE!!!! Aug 23”

Lenny Fleming - RN/Artist

““Pepe is someone you can always trust. Great values, gets the job done, highly recommended!”

https://www.facebook.com/bob.hooks1 - BranchOut

“I heard the "Désillusion" today. Great music. ”

Super Kat's!(KATSUMI YOSHIARA) - ReverNation

“La machine great effects on the music. I really enjoyed it all. Your very talented with some great productions. Jul 7-2012-”

Dorothy Wilson - ReverbNation Artiste.

““Pepe always has a positive attitude. Brings a refreshing energy to any situation.””

Yann Causeret - BranchOut

“Great guitar work on Fly over the Mountain! ”

http://www.reverbnation.com/rickparnell - ReverbNation

“Pépé is an outstanding musician,a person bursting from créativity.”

“Great Talents Here!”

CD Rocks Band - ReverbNation Artist

“Great music!!”

Ivy Soul Robinson - ReverbNation

“Dang! if "fly over the mountain" is not one of the most gorgeous melodies i've heard in ages!! beautiful tone and touch to your playing..rich and detailed as a Santana tune..and tight production on that track. Very Tasty skills you got there !!”

http://www.reverbnation.com/mikewhitepresents - ReverbNation

“Very entertaining & exciting sound of musics... Very talented musicians.”

Fatamorgana - ReverbNation

“Very engaging guitar work and style! -”

Carolyne Ty. - ReverbNation

“Great music & Great work !!”

Katsumi Yoshihara - ReverbNation

“A lot of kickin grooves with expressive guitar and with "bluesy man" such an impressing blues guitar.”

Toptaste - ReverbNation


Sergio Weird Al Rapovik - ReverbNation

“Love your music especially "Marvellous"”

Catherine Hill - ReverbNation

“Very beautiful ambient sounds!”

Paula Crawford - ReverbNation

“So beautiful and wonderful music!”

Ryo Utasato - ReverbNation

“Gorgeous songs here”

TE Fireoved - ReverbNation

“Love it !!”

Nupachino - ReverbNation

“GREAT music, keep up the good work!”

"Dani Dante" - ReverbNation

“Very very cool sound!!...”

Hillbilly Dix - ReverbNation

“Fun & cool musics... very entertaining & very exciting...”

Fatamorgana - ReverbNation

“There are no borders in music when looking for beauty. Feel the beauty of music forever.”

I&SON - ReverbNation