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"With the 2011 release of their album True Believer, they were ready to bring off some of the classic style rock back to their fans. The entire album is an eclectic mix of soulful songs and upbeat 80's style synth with strong vocals. Milton DeCoronado takes his vocal range to the limits in songs like "Empty Room". The heavy guitar riffs in "Fox Paws" demonstrate the talent of Robert Guinea and keyboards by Duane Massey throughout the album point to the origin of the music. Bill Massey on bass and Marty Naul on drums adds a depth and control to each track. There is much cow bell to be had in "Visitor" and the unique percussion adds a quirky side to the already varied album. The vocal style changes in "What The...?" for a more Southern Blues sound. I feel as though a story is being told by these musicians. I am also reminded of legends such as Stryper, Kansas and Bad Religion as I listen to this album. If you enjoy bands like these, you should definitely pick up Oz Knozz "True Believer".

“Oz Knozz were formed way back in 1969 in Houston, Texas as a trio, with two of those original three members still rocking it up in the group to this day, brothers Duane and Bill Massey, albeit with a hiatus during the period 1987 to 1996. An American orientated rock sound is instantly evident... Oz Knozz are not gonna set the musical world on fire, but "True Believer" is well worth a listen for any AOR aficionado.”

“ Oz Knozz, True Believer: Quick, name a Houston rock band that started in 1969 and still exists. Okay, one not named ZZ Top. That would be Oz Knozz, which came together around a core of Westbury High alumni — Duane Massey, his brother Bill and Marty Naul. The band has survived periods of inactivity, innumerable lineup changes (even the band doesn't know how many) and shows with up to 25 people onstage at once to arrive at new album True Believer. The members of Oz Knozz call their music "progressive rock," but True Believer is so much more than that. "Far Away," ...And that's just one song; others are heavy with piano and keyboards from every Yes album you've ever heard (maybe there is something to that "prog" thing). Overall, True Believer can seem a little arbitrary and rely more on jamming than true songwriting, but it's so far out of the realm of what any other recent band is doing these days, maybe anywhere, that...well, it's just awesome. It's a trip.”

“Oz Knozz! I've met a few Rock and Roll acts in my career, and I've even became friends with some of them. However, there is only one band I can say I've known very well for over forty years, and that is Houston's Oz Knozz! Their first album was Called "Ruff Mix". Then, what seemed like 10,000 days and nights later, they recorded their follow up album called "10,000 Days & Nights". I first heard it when it was released a couple of years ago, and I knew they not only hadn't lost anything, but they were even better than before! And now, a third album called "True Believer", and finally a record company contract from Prog Rock Records! Congratulations, Guys! If there is anybody in the Rock and Roll business that deserves this and more, it's gotta be you! Continued success! Oh, and don't forget about us little folks who were there when it all began! Oz Knozz. The next time you get a chance to see them live, you really should. ”

“Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – 3 April 2012 – “True Believer” the follow up to 2008's high praised 10,000 Days & Nights CD. The album which has been mixed and mastered by Brian Baker (of Derringer fame) is currently getting rave reviews in the UK press from Fireworks Magazine, Powerplay Magazine, Classic Rock Presents AOR and numerous websites and independent radio airplay in the UK (including ARFM). The ten tracks on their latest release are as innovative as they are impressive.... The production and performances here are all first-rate. Give this one a listen, and you just might become a "True Believer" yourself! ”True Believer” is The Record Label debut release from Oz Knozz and can be found at http://www.therecordlabel.net/pop-rock/oz-knozz/true-believer/ . The album is available for immediate sale and shipping from our site, the title will be in stores on June 5, 2012 -- ”

“ Review of "True Believer" by "Your Music Blog" It is with great pleasure that I write about this disk. The previous album from these Texan gents I already liked very much, and this one grabbed me from the opening seconds of Empty Room. This is pomp in optima forma! The kind of music that got me into playing myself, and I will never stop listening to. So in short: go out and buy this thing if you are into pomp, hard rock and or progressive stuff and help raise awareness for this fantastic outfit. And as the band recently signed a record deal with Shawn Gordon, owner of Prog Rock Records / The Record Label, availability won´t be an issue either. Fingers crossed the next one will be just as good. ”

“Oz Knozz have been gigging and recording for the last 43 years, and, impressively, "True Believer" enhances the Massey Brothers' melodic rock legacy. Fusing the arena pomp of Asia with the progressive ambition of Yes and the AOR styling of Journey, this is an engaging and wholly unexpected album. The fantastic "Fox Paws" imagines Kiss with horns, and that's not the only surprise the Houston band throws up across ten tantalising tracks. Milton De Coronado's vibrant vocal performance compliments founder member Duane Massey, a multi-instrumentalist playing trumpet, flugelhorn, keys and alto horn to tantalising effect. It's difficult to predict how many more records Oz Knozz have left in them. However, if "True Believer" were to be their last, they'd be going out with an almighty bang.”

“Perhaps the greatest challenge veteran recording artists face is staying true to their signature sound while continuing to evolve. It can be an elusive goal, but it's one that progressive rockers Oz Knozz clearly achieve with "True Believer". Oz Knozz is Duane Massey, Milton DeCoronado, Robert Guinea, Bill Massey, and Marty Naul. The production and performances here are all first-rate. Give this one a listen, and you just might become a "True Believer" yourself!”

“At moments such as "Empty Room" and "True Believer" they sound a little like Styx jamming with Kansas as Saga and Survivor look on, though such lofty comparisons do flatter the end results. No matter, this is a strong, confidently performed album that does its creators proud. ”

Dave Ling - Classic Rock's "Prog" Magazine

“ Prog and classic rock have been around for 40 years now and many have tried to emulate the (for want of a better word) heady days of the 1970s when bands of the genre were innovators and their music intricate; all vying to produce the most complex melodies, changes of time signatures and above all make music that mattered. Over the years many bands have come and gone, tried their best but failed to reproduce the sounds of that golden era..... I know nostalgia ain’t how it used to be, but this album is. If you want to be transported back to those less complicated times, this one’s for you.”

““True Believer” is a truly eclectic, yet cohesive album that while always song based, does allow both the band and individual musicians to really express their undoubted talents. Glorious and uplifting Oz Knozz have created an album that you’ll be playing for years to come, plastering a huge smile on your face every time. Rating; 8 out of 10 Rating: 8/10 ”

“ The Oz Knozz sound definitely nods to the past. The production is mostly modern, but the vibe is firmly rooted in the 1970s. It works really well because, though it harks back to early Journey, Kansas and Deep Purple, the crisp sound makes it obvious this is a new release. I'm not convinced by the relationship between the vocals and the playing - the singing hasn't been given the same dose of polish as everything else - but any doubts are more than glossed over by the shiny positives...the positives being catchy songs and that certain feeling of 'right' you can't quite put your finger on. ”

“In fact there isn't a moment on this album when you truly feel you have the band's measure. Listen for example, to 'What The…' which is a heavy rock/blues groove with a growled vocal and blazing horns and has an early Chicago feel about it, as the band sing 'tell me what you want me to play' Then in the blink of an eye its back to the Asia style title track, albeit with a riff reminiscent of The Who's 'Substitute', before an unlikely Doom Metal vocal over pounding riffs. The album finishes in bombastic Prog rock fashion on the splendidly titled 'Kings And Treasures' with suitable pompous lyrics. But the music has an epic quality built on the back of pounding drums, a trumpet voluntary and banks of keyboards as part of a climactic finish worthy of a splendidly played album." 'True Believer' is by no means an unblemished consistent album, but there's enough spontaneous musical highs here to interest all self respecting prog and classic rock fans alike. ”

“...What we have here is a mixture of melodic hard rock and more progressive tinged music. There are alot of backing vocals and catchy choruses, but also keyboard solos and short instrumental peices and riffs that show the band are not afraid to experiment. I like it, and hope the band will not let us wait that long for a next release. Meanwhile, I will try to track down a copy of Ruff Mix, their previous release. Personal play tips: just start it up! ”

"RadioIndy is pleased to present the best of the best...RadioIndy is pleased to present Oz Knozz with a GrIndy Award for the CD '10,000 Days & Nights'."

"Pomp rock is alive and well and has completely taken me by surprise. Think of a band with elements of Shotgun Symphony, Survivor, Kansas and Le Roux and you'll be near to the Oz Knozz experience, faultless performance!"

Powerplay Magazine UK

"WOW! What an album!!! An album it will be hard to get bored with. Excellent."

Dave Watts - Overloaded Radio UK

"It is a musical diverse selection, but stylistically never strays beyond the staple diet of this magazine's readership and as such is to be a heartily recommended purchase. Very interesting indeed..."

Paul Jerome Smith - Fireworks Magazine CD Review

"Oz Knozz knows that there is no substitute for experience. On "10,000 Days & Nights" they prove it."

Hollywood Steve Rangel - Houston Music News Magazine

"Bands playing pomp don't come along every day and as a result this disc sounds fresh and invigorating. (Points; 8 out of 10)."

Duncan Jamieson - Powerplay Magazine

"This is a fantastic album folks, and contender for my album of the year! RECOMMENDED!"

"Fans of progressive rock from the likes of Kansas, Europe, and Emerson, Lake and Palmer will definitely enjoy this release"

"This CD will come as a great surprise to many.... Stunning stuff! I am lost for words-where have these guys been all these years?"

"Tripping the rock fantastic, South Texas heroes Oz Knozz back again...They are Texas' answer to Emerson, Lake and Palmer."

Hector Saldana - San Antonio Express-News