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“Oysterband can always be relied on for intelligent, well-written, thought-provoking songs – set to great rock tunes tempered with folk influences.”

“From start to finish, Diamonds On The Water is quite, quite brilliant.”

“Solid gold Oysterband...”

“Diamonds on the Water features 12 songs that weave into a poetic sequence that grows more enticing the further one listens...these guys are really, really excellent at what they do.”

“Oysterband create stunning vocal harmonies, good violin melodies and intricate guitar work. Their latest album is pleasant, inviting and accessible, containing songs that are upbeat, classy and put together with great integrity.”

“Diamonds On The Water is a fabulous album from start to finish, showcasing a band very much on the top of their form in both songwriting and performance, if you find kinship with anything on the rockier side of folk you owe to yourself to purchase the latest by Oysterband.”

“...stirring original tunes. You needn't be an avid folk fan to grasp the warmth and humanity of "A Clown's Heart" or "A River Runs", powered along on lush guitars and driving drums.”

Adam Woods - Mail On Sunday

“A new body of work that is both reflective and forward looking to a new era of their music, and perhaps opening up to a new audience....The album opens with four voices welcoming themselves back and closes giving thanks and leaving you wanting more.”

Tom Povey - Shire Folk

“[Diamonds on the water is] dominated by fine harmony vocals and excellent fiddle work, and finds them in a cheerfully mellow mood...There are good new songs here. It's a pleasant and classy set.”

“Oysterband could hardly be described as emerging artists but Diamonds on the Water (Navigator Records), the band's first new collection of original songs in seven years, contains fresh-sounding music...Oysterband's record, I kid not, is already big in Mongolia.”

“...a sense of restlessness [is] perhaps this is what has kept the band going all these years...If you are a lover of harmonies and well-crafted songs, Oysterband’s latest offering is sure to satisfy. Four stars.”

“Oysterband have helped to shape and define the British folk scene as we now know it...The band has lost none of its integrity, none of its history and none of its typical sound. Yet [in new album Diamonds on the Water] the consistent use of harmonies, cleverly interwoven melodies, punchy guitar and drum work and catchy vocal lines create an album that sounds well balanced and contemporary. The best of the old and the subtle integration of the new sounds and styles fit the band very well and give a variety of songs that would more than satisfy loyal fans, and capture the interest of the new.”

“Diamonds on the Water still contains the same energy and enthusiasm as the band’s earlier efforts.”

“A great folk album that's highly recommended. (Five stars)”

“[Diamonds on the Water 2014] ...all the anthemic wallop we've come to expect from the band...Oysterband have delivered an album they should be proud of and fans and newcomers should thoroughly enjoy equally.”

“[Diamonds on the Water 2014] They stylishly get back into the groove of their own songwriting and emerge with surprisingly cheery, upbeat songs and killer choruses.”

Colin Irwin - MOJO Magazine

“[Diamonds on the Water 2014] "...dedication to their sound....really makes this a top album."”

“[Diamonds on the Water 2014] "Throughout the album you get the feeling Oysterband have been let off the leash and have run riot with everything they have including the kitchen sink. The tracks have been obviously crafted and honed so not a single note or word is superfluous."”

“[Diamonds on the Water 2014] "You can tell that these are people who put the song firmly at the centre of what they do...There are plenty of folk-pop gems, all offset by outstanding instrumentation, with songs like ‘A River Runs’, guaranteed crowd pleasers. It’s an absolute delight of an album and one that will have me exploring their back catalogue with enthusiastic glee."”

“'Diamonds on the Water' is pretty much a classic Oysterband album."”

"Deliberate on the mainstays of this country's electric folk, folk rock or folk punk and it’s a certainty that Oysterband will be up there with the best-of-the-best...‘‘Diamonds On The Water’ will become a classic Oysters album...Oysterband fans are going to soak it up, every word and every note.

“[Diamonds on the Water 2014] "You know this will become one of the Oysters’ best-loved albums"....Opening track A Clown’s Heart has an "overwhelmingly irresistible" chorus...”

“(Ragged Kingdom) "The whole album is terrific."”

Simon Mayo - BBC

"...the most compelling live folk-rock band around."

“Winners of Best Group, Best Album and Best Traditional Track at the BBC Folk Awards 2012”


“Ragged Kingdom: fROOTS Critics Poll Album of the Year 2011”

“Ragged Kingdom: Folk Album Of The Year 2011”

“Ragged Kingdom: Album of the Year 2011”

“(Ragged Kingdom 2011) There’s enough emotional power here to fuel a circuit of the sun. The reunion of Oysterband and Tabor has created a masterpiece. Five stars”

“(Ragged Kingdom 2011) The energy is still there, along with the desire to startle and experiment, but so is a new maturity and emotional depth, and even greater variety. Five stars.”

“Ragged Kingdom: Easily one of the year's finest recordings.”

“(Ragged Kingdom 2011) Tabor's majestic singing given formidable weight by Oysterband's arrangements...Glorious. Five stars”

“(Ragged Kingdom 2011) ......the ring of an instant classic...Five stars.”

“Ragged Kingdom...has a kind of glorious pre-Raphaelite darkness...nothing short of amazing.”

“Ragged Kingdom: ...This is folk at its finest.”

“(Ragged Kingdom album launch show) One of the most remarkable reunion concerts of the current English folk revival...showed why their collaboration is so special.”

“(Ragged Kingdom 2011) Striking gold by fusing the contemporary and traditional is at the heart of the folk process. Ragged Kingdom raises the alchemy of that process to the highest level.”

“(Ragged Kingdom album launch show) ...Indelible songs sung on this spell-binding evening, by some of Britain’s finest. Don’t miss the chance to catch these guys if they’re performing round your way.”

“(Ragged Kingdom 2011) June Tabor & Oysterband sound better than ever....an eclectic set of trad arrs and inventive covers, delivered with passion and panache.”

“(Ragged Kingdom 2011) The amalgamation of June Tabor’s regal voice and Oysterband’s lively eclecticism promises much and delivers even more...The album raises the spirit and tears at the soul in turn. Four stars.”

"...an exceptional band"

“One of Britain's most enduring and endearing bands”

“(Ragged Kingdom 2011) A stirring offering that succeeds in bringing “strange stories”, old and new alike, to vivid, compelling life.”

“(Ragged Kingdom 2011)...the relish, joy and mutual understanding clearly invested by all concerned contribute to an immaculate performance and presentation...”

“...the band are still bringing home gold...”

“June Tabor and Oysterband (2011): "..this is one reunion that works so magnificently it even overshadows the magical memories of their previous collaboration 21 years ago.”

“Ragged Kingdom: "The album is a triumph in its scope and inventiveness...the energy of the Oysterband allied with the imposing power of Tabor's voice is unique.”

"No other folk-rock band has the magnetism and verve of the Oysters live."

“British folk-rock simply doesn't get any better than this.”

"When it comes to creating a sublimely contradictory blend of disciplined musicianship and unfettled, anarchic energy, Oysterband has no equal."

"Riktigt bra och starka sänger. Ett aggressivt sväng på mestadela akustika instrument. Dessutom med både glädje och med glimten i ögat."

“Oysterband writes songs with triumphant melodies that stay with you long after the CD player stops.”

"...tremendous, joyous, remarkable... Oysterband play with an imagination and vigor that makes them the cream of their genre."

Rolling Stone

"....extraordinarios conciertos - exhibiendo una maestria instrumental ejemplar, pero sin renunciar a velocidad y energía en la ejecución."

"...sheer power and conviction."

David Kidman - NetRhythms

"Essayez d'imaginer qu'à l'époque de London Calling, les Clash se mettent à triper sur la musique celtique plutôt que sur le reggae. Ça vous donne une idée. Sauf que le groupe joue souvent acoustique! On comprendra que tout est dans l'attitude."

"...what a colossus this lot have been in the tempestuous waters of electric instruments and folk song...relevant, inspiring, vital..."

"...anything but placid folk music."

Eric Brace - The Washington Post

"...a group that will forever be at the vanguard of English singer-songwriters."

Lee Blackstone - RootsWorld

"...great tunes, superb voices, clever lyrics and a big dollop of the stuff that turns a band into a Great British Institution."


"They have been doing it for nigh on 30 years, so of course Oysterband are going to be good.....records only approximate the energy of the onstage experience."

Mike Butler - Metro

" Rarely can a human voice rouse the spirit and quicken the pulse with the consistency of these politically charged stalwarts of the UK folk roots scene."

Eric Thom - Exclaim

"Music with a punch."

The Boston Globe

"...a unique force in British music, fusing traditional song forms, rock energy and sharp social comment whist maintaining a fierce spirit of independence."

Ian Mann - The Jazz Mann

"Oysterband's visions remain relevant and inspiring; they are a creative force whose power to delight and challenge is only growing with time."