Oxford Train / Press

“‘Mister Oxford Train’ is vocally & musically pleasing and one enjoyable listening experience...I can’t say enough positive things about Steven Bower’s razor sharp singing that really got my attention, plus the man can play a mean acoustic guitar that’s oh so good!”

“[Oxford Train] is a band to catch in a live setting. There is an intimacy which would work comfortably in smaller venues, yet sufficient power to fill the void of an open air event.”

“[Oxford Train] seems to spice up the sound each time you hear their magical talent come to life, breathing into the air a danceable tune that just makes you groove.”

"The smooth, inviting brand of earthy acoustic rock [Oxford Train] has produced early on in its career is effortlessly likable. Songs like the debut single "My #1 (Sex Friend)" display Steven Bower's tongue twisting, hearty vocals over a toe-tapping testament to life's simpler pleasures, while "Big Green Eyes" feels an appropriate addition to any summer playlist you might have in the works."

“Oxford Train’s [debut] EP release, MISTER OXFORD TRAIN, is a cross between Blues Traveler and Jason Mraz, which makes this an awesome project that digs into the deep roots of the alternative music genre. Right out the gate [Life Is a Song] grabs you with its light rock/pop/blues fusion and the lead vocal is very complimentary to the awesome guitar play displayed in the music. That unique edge that Oxford Train brings on this record is a breath of fresh air from a lot of the music I’ve been hearing lately.”

“The performances [on the single, My #1] are solid all around, and [Steven Bower's] vocal delivery is impressive!”


“[Oxford Train's] style is familiar at first listen, however I cannot figure why, and it’s certainly nothing that I’ve heard in a really long time.”

"Having mixed, mastered, performed drums and guitars on the new 5 song Oxford Train EP project, I find them not only a very talented group of musicians and songwriters, but also an incredibly unique sounding band. There's no "fear factor" in their songs, performances or production, from playing with the most simplest of ideas and parts to the most complex. I find it very refreshing being part of their willingness to venture into uncharted terrains. My #1 is all of that and more and certainly has all the elements of a #1 hit!"