OVLO / Press

“This is without a doubt a blisteringly intense and talented band, but they're not afraid to show a sense of humor.”

"(On stage) The energy that they release to the crowd is amazing!...You will be entertained by the sound that Ovlo brings."

"Ovlo will never disappoint...and well worth a listen!"

“Musically, the sound is hardcore but in a way that I can imagine it appealing to fans of a less-intense rock genre.”

“As for the music, this is the tightest band in Eastern Pa., period. It's thrash that opens up to big, melodic choruses that don't overstay their welcome.”

“Breakdown mosh riffs and tough guy vocals...clean vocals as well...jump metal”

"Excellent riffs and arrangements and an awesome live show with tons of energy and fun make these guys a band well worth checking out."

“Ovlo yo-yos between a playful metal sound with spoken lyrics and a heavy hardcore sound with screams that shove you back in your seat.”

“Melody, harmony and metal mesh nicely when done properly. Ovlo pulls off such a blend with general ease.”

"Well played; cool, solid sound"


"You'd be surprised how melodic a hard rock band can be."

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