OverTime / Press

“MISSOULA- A local Missoula musician used his following on Facebook to help give back to the community. Tyler Bugatti, known professionally as "OverTime", says he wanted to give back by helping kids in Missoula. He created a Facebook event and invited anyone in the community to donate toys.”

“While it’s no secret that Overtime has led a tumultuous and extremely controversial life, could this be the start of a new and more positive chapter in the MC’s life? Overtime seems to have drawn a line in the sand on both the life he was “ashamed” of and part of the scene that elevated him. A scene fueled by sizing each other up, degrading women and men alike while glorifying material objects, a scene which is now slowly starting to run out of excuses for it’s defense. Now it looks like a handful of influential advocates that have propped this message up for so many years are hoping to now use their talent behind the mic and put it toward more spiritually rewarding avenues in the music industry.”

“Dip your phalanges into a lyrical fire when Wapikiya Records' OverTime plays a set of hip hop during a CD release party at 9 PM at the Lucky Strike Casino, 1515 Dearborn Ave. RegMachine and Dice opens. Free. (See Spotlight in this issue.)”

“Wapikiya's roster of MCs, including Frodie, Overtime, Pallas and others, splits rapping styles between straight rhymes to double-time Bone Thugs and Harmony-esque flows. It's not extensively complex, but it works in this context.”

“Both Just Released and Digital Crack Vol. 1 were released on the streets and have been distributed from Seattle, WA, to Washington DC. Digital Crack Vol. 1 is also available on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, or Napster.”

"Overall, All in the Family’s various artists—including Overtime, Frodie, Pookie and Young Jay—demonstrate honed lyrical styles, even if they often rely too heavily on cliché themes. But if you like this kind of hip hop and don’t mind predictable content, you’ll probably be entertained."

“Usually, it takes more than eight months of dues-paying to get on the bill with a platinum-selling hip-hop artist, but local sons O.T. and Young Jay are rewriting those rules. The two Western Montanans shot from obscurity to a recent slot opening for Young Buck at The Other Side in less than a year, a rise they aim to cement on their upcoming album Just Released.”