Overt Enemy / Press

"‘Possession’ is an EP delivered with all the honesty, passion and integrity of a true thrash gem. (Score: 8/10)"

“Visceral howls lock horns with sinister grooves as this Texan four-piece blaze through five tracks ripped from thrash's nether regions.”

"If Overt Enemy was a second or third rate cheap facsimile of their mighty influencers then the idea of them being cast into the metal pit of forgetfullness would be easily foreseeable, but as it stands, Overt Enemy and their material are pretty kick ass."

"Fun, intense, and extravagant. Instead of imitating, Overt Enemy stands on the shoulders of thrash metal’s Big Four."

“Overt Enemy started out as a Slayer cover band, but have very quickly evolved into one of the dominant thrash acts in South Texas.”

“Thrash Metal at it's best.”

“Do yourself a favor after reading these lines, run after supporting and following these guys, I smell big stuff coming in a few years.”

“The tight songwriting is only a further testament to the modus operandi of the band. It makes for addictive and in your face listening.”

“Possession” is the opener of this EP and it is violent, aggressive and it features heavy riffage. The video of the track is already available at band’s YouTube page, so go and check it out. “Pray for Death” and “Blood God” are heavy and include massive riffing again in a seemingly calmer atmosphere. However there are deep waters under, and a beast is watching. “In The End We Died” should be mentioned with its energy. To finishes the EP the band has chosen to perform a cover of the almighty SLAYER – “At Dawn They Sleep.”

“Overt Enemy have a lot of talent and know how to craft variation across this album. Possession should be treasured by explorers of thrash's nether realms.”

“Slayer worship through and through (there’s even a ripping cover of ‘At Dawn They Sleep’ and the bassists name even has a decidedly “Slayer” slant to it) of that there’s no doubt but Overt Enemy execute the style so damn well that odds are they’ll take the vacated throne without a qualm and little complaint. My only issue with this is that’s it’s too damn short, I want more!! I guess I’ll be forced to spin this again, again and again (or even ‘piece by piece’). This is the type of thrash which I can subscribe to, it’s vicious, fluid, fast but most of all wicked Fn’ great! I’m eager for a full length!”

“Gnarly, confrontational, and relentless - Overt Enemy know how to deliver their thrash with Texan charm.”

“Overt Enemy has breathed life into an older style. It's never about being the fasted or the heaviest. Skwisgaar Skwigelf wouldn't find a home here. It's not about being the heaviest and most brutal, Nathan Explosion also would be on the outs, but it's about writing a killer song and crushing your enemies and wearing their entrails as a necklace.”

"Well executed thrash metal in a recognizable style with a clear nod to the chief gods themselves."

"The musicianship on this record is nothing short of flawless."

“A Galloping Face Ripper. Fans of the old-school thrash metal will be instantly enamored by its stampeding riffs and air raid siren solos, guaranteed.”

“What started out as a Slayer tribute band has now become an unrestrained force of its own. If these original tunes are any indication of what is to come in the future from Overt Enemy, you better brace yourself because I think Overt Enemy intends to show no mercy!”

“This band is the real deal and their growth will only become more impressive with time.”

“Inception is a potent and thickly enjoyable introduction to Overt Enemy. They may have a great reputation playing Slayer tracks but if this EP is a sign of things to come they will be breeding one just as strong of their own invention.”

“A fun, straight-to-the-point EP that shows a lot of promise for OVERT ENEMY’s future. Can’t wait to hear what comes next.”

“Guaranteed to melt your fucking face!!”

“Pure raw against the grain metal with memorable riffs, strong melodies, dynamic drum and bass, face melting guitar solos and lyrics that make you think.”

“Texas's Overt Enemy released their debut EP this year. This noble effort is a short release that packs a lot of punch from a band with great potential.”

“Overt Enemy has laid down a memorable EP. The debut works to bridge the band’s future releases which should be worth the wait.”