“Overmamba manages to change its sloughing very rapidly. From dada-flavoured songs, featuring simple melodies fitted for counting-out rhymes, such as "Funny Life" or "Celebration", to gothic-tinged stuff which looks inspired by dark scene weaponry ("You Know The End When You Feel It", "20th Century Monster" - inspired by the Abominable Dr.Phibes, a notorious fictional character, musically quoted by Overmamba in the melodic line, quite similar to the ones played by Dr.Phibes on his organ - or "Theatre Of Poison", my favorite track for his bizarre fusion of gloomy atmospheres with horror vintage videogames' sounds) and more engaging electro-pop technoid marches, such as the vampiric "Cold Dawn In Vienna" or "Betelgeuse". Overmamba sound can be enhanced, but it doesn't deserve nails yet. ”