Outside the Wire / Press

“In my Honest Super Educated Opinion , im am not sure if Fresno is aware of what we have here. Were always looking for the next great ones...well Fresno they are right under your noses. OUTSIDE THE WIRE has arrived! Im not even sure if they know it yet? And that my friends is a a true characteristic of something Great. Each member in this band has a vital role in this supercharged sexy ," im rooting for the villain " kind of feel they so deliciously ooze from every chunky riff to duplicitous breakdown they deliver. It's about time we have a band who's not afraid of using the word FUCK! After all that my friends and enemies isn't that Fucking Rock N Roll at its best. Speak otherwise and I will call you a liar... Hahaha. Anthony Pollick, Paul Colletta, Michael Wiggins, Aaron Dupre and the Fucking Embodiment of all that is a True Frontman David Fitchett, simply thank you for this blessing. Rock on you glorious bastards.”