outpost 11 / Press

“Michael Farrell: I like your solid rockin' sound”

Micheal Ferrell - OUTPOST 11

“this band can go all the way.theres is no limit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

morgan city fans - fans of OUTPOST11

“92.3 was impressed with the band”

the great gellespy - the station

“wow these guys rock.see yall oct 1st for the all ages show”

don challey - chillin in thibadaux

“outpost 11 was on 92.3 the response was great there on there way great vocals solid musicians.this band kicks ass”

grey ghost - bone head

“we will be doing our first show at the city club june11 2011 as outpost11 lots of eleven's hope the music god's rain on us!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

the grey gost - outpost11band@yahoo.com

“Currently recording at Bonehead Studios. We're about half the way there. The process is going great. The great Jerry Martin and Richard Plaisance are doing what it takes for a hard driving debut cd to be put into the hands of the public and fellow rockers. We are patiently laying down the tracks for what's to be a great first album/cd coming soon to your town, then your stereo,then your mind!!OUTPOST11”