Outer Stylie / Press

“...for music dubbed “psychedelic,” this band is a little heavier than your run-of-the-mill jam band. It’s a power-packed punch with a peace sign. As Martel says, “It will take you there.””

“When I listen to this song, I think of Pearl Jam, but better and more understandable! The vocals fit this song and they mesh well with the music. The singer reminds me of Eddie Vedder, and while not a huge fan of Pearl Jam, the singer takes what Eddie started and does it right. The guitar work is nice, I like the lick played in the beginning, it sets the energy for the song, like a smooth groovin' song. I am liking this. The drums are straight on and fit the song. Overall, this is an awesome groove that the rhythm section lays out. Great bass work, and for once I can actually it in a song, most song I listen to mix the bass really low, but this is prominent and said prominence really moves the track. It's not too often that one hears a really good groove band, but this one sticks out. Keep up the good work!”

Nocturnal Flesh from Baltimore, MD