Our Vinyl Vows / Press

“This Petaluma, California band was formed in 2009. They earned their place on the bill last night by winning their spot in a contest put on by sponsor/promoter Live 105. Going by their performance, they loved every minute of it, and really had one of the more high energy stage performances of the night. If I hadn’t known about the contest element of it, I never would have known that their entry into the event was anything different from the rest of the line-up – they seemed to compliment the overall vibe of the night and various participants perfectly.”

“NSSN 2012: Local Band Winner Our Vinyl Vows. Pictures from performance, opening for Jack White, Two Door Cinema Club, The Shins, Metric and Of Monsters and Men”

“Looks like Petaluma’s own Our Vinyl Vows is going to be performing at the Oracle Colosseum for Live 105′s Not So Silent Night 2012! To celebrate, we’re bringing up an oldie of theirs from last year, a special Christmas video they made called “Secret Santa”. Enjoy, and be sure to catch OVV at NSSN on December 7th!”

“DEC.7TH, 2012 @ Oracle Arena: Our Vinyl Vows Opening for Jack White. Description of Event: (NOT SO SILENT NIGHT) it’s SO AWESOME!!”

“SOCOROCK INTERVIEW: OUR VINYL VOWS – OCTOBER 22, 2011. Before they rocked the house in at The Arlene Francis Center, Amanda caught up with Our Vinyl Vows backstage and was able to EXTRACT THE ANTIDOTE…err, talk with them about their band, their lives and their dreams. Complete with unintended pop background music and a ‘Woah Bundy’, you’re sure to have a better understanding of the machine that is OVV. Thanks guys, you rock!”

“TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 2012 @ LAST DAY SALOON: TRAPT, SHOTGUN HARLOT, OUR VINYL VOWS, COUTEAUX. Last Day Saloon welcomes TRAPT, for a special Sonoma County appearance. The show is in celebration of the bands new release ‘Reborn’, due Nov. 20 on Epochal Artist Records in association with EMI.”

“They have toured with such acts as System of a Down, Papa Roach, AFI, Ailen Ant Farm, Puddle of Mudd, Long Beach Short Bus/Dub Allstars, Sum 41, Linkin Park, P.O.D., Nuclear Rabbit, Dredge, Apex Theory, Love Equals Death, Tsunami Bomb, Dome Shots, Hostility, Razzell, Tech 9 and Hyrogliphics.”

“PODCAST: OUR VINYL VOWS @ SOCOROCK PRESENTS (ARLENE FRANCIS CENTER) – JULY 27, 2012. Happy birthday Eric The Elvis lovin’, Batman shirt wearin’, trombone puffin’, crazy awesome Rock ‘n Roll sextet Our Vinyl Vows headlined the SoCoRock Presents show last Friday, and we captured the magic. New music as well as old favorites were jammed out for all to enjoy – so put on some earbuds and crank it to 11.”

“Thirty bands competed through Tomato Battle's Facebook page hoping to be one of six selected bands worthy enough to entertain the tomato-wielding masses. The bands seedy enough to make the cut included Giggle Party, Finding Jupiter, Eyes Like Mine, Our Vinyle Vows, Sugar Water Purple, and Brooke Was Here.”