Otto Zone / Press

“ Otto, your music is right up my alley, this is great! Passages of polyphonic preponderance, mystical modal melodies and contrapuntally counterpointed careening cries all rooted inside a badass blues. Hats off!”

Well Trained Monkey - Reverbnation

“ Time to get into the OTTO ZONE! Dude, you have a lot of awesome tunes! I'll be here zoning for a while, you rock!!! Damn awesome guitar licks bro!!!”

THE TIME BOMB - Reverbnation

“ Elegant, melodious and gratifying... so cool! ”

Ian Stokol - r

“ It’s hard to stay away when it sounds this good!”

Pat Branch... Bass Player / Songwriter - Reverbnation

“ Hi Otto * loving your sailing guitar leads to that walking bass * GREEN GROOVE * a magical track!”

Ecologyngle - Reverbnation

“ Hi Otto. In listening. Unique and wonderful music! ”

ChordSlinger n Lola - Reverbnation

“ "Jethro's Toll....briliant guitar work....such a pleasure to meet such great talent...”

Nick Kosar and Eclectic Dee as "Genre Fuse" - Reverbnation

“ HEY!!! oh wait; you're not my dad..... :) ”

Otto's Daughter - Reverbnation

“ otto my man--i am probably not the first-nor will i be the last-to remark about how your wiener song was so ahead of its time. all i hear lately is wiener this & wiener that ”

zed mizar - Reverbnation

“Green Groove is so delicious it hurts. I'll be back for more. Loving how the notes just bloom...great killer tone. And of course a great composition. Superb guitar playing, wonderful dynamics and some real cool use of different tones. And did I hear some cool octave work too. And of course everyone loves it when you put the burn on. ”

Joe - Guitarist, Battle Maiden Music. - Reverbnation