“OTS has managed to create and release yet another musical masterpiece. The size of The Super Group OTS is reminiscent of the Wu-Tang Clan of yesteryear. These gentlemen however, stand completely on their own merit with their timeless music and constant philanthropic efforts within their community. “OTS is a group of guys that have come from all different walks of life. With their combined sound, they bring a group that could be known as one of the best of our time. They will be a group that is remembered like Wu –Tang Clan or Dip Set.” – Juice, Black Wall Street Artist OTS’ current project “Play My Record 2.” promises to focus more on the talents from within the group rather than incorporating as many features as the previous “Play My Record” project. This summer get ready for the release of their first studio album, “Bucket Music,” as well as a 15 city tour.”

“This is the only group I've seen that can do what the WU has done.”