Othon / Press

"Listening to Pineal repeatedly,makes me feel I've been waiting to hear it all my life."

“(Pineal) Think Throbbing Gristle scoring a chamber pop musical of Conchita Wurst's Eurovision win – on acid”

“Othon's show was immersive and mercurial”

Patrick Cash - QX magazine, UK

“(Pineal) a work of a visionary”

“A musician who has been pushing barriers in music for years.”

“From the mournful violin and intense flute to the tribal drums and soaring falsetto of Tomasini, this was the musical equivalent of opening a fairy tale pop-up book and watching the characters jump out and dance around your head”

“If you think of Shamanism, based on Eliade as "techniques of ecstasy" then this becomes quite appropriate in the context of this album (Pineal)”

"Operating in a glorious field of his own, Othon Mataragas makes shamanic cabaret for profane saints and sublime madmen "

Ian McQuaid - The Guardian, UK

"Recorded as part of a recital (...) [Othon's Silky Hands of a Rough Piano Boy]'s blazin"

The Wire, UK

"A stunning, staggering collection of songs, Impermanence represents a singular piece of wondrous beauty"

Compulsion, UK

“This is music that can make even angels envious!”

Martin Hall - Gaffa, Denmark

“Othon is unique and truly original artist, a maverick prodigy taking musical genres such as classical and opera infused with ethnic sounds, tribal and techno, giving it a revolutionary stance, a shot of theater and turns it all on its head. It is impossible to categorize him”

Marc Almond, UK

““Beautiful and poignant, Othon’s compositions possess the grace of the great classical works””

Obscure, France

“A little jewel (...) it's a sublime record with collaborations/vocal performances that go from Ernesto Tomasini to David Tibet (better known as Current 93) and the godfather - at least artistic and spiritual - of them all: Marc Almond. We are talking about Othon's debut album: Digital Angel”

National Radio 3, Spain