ossia / Press

“beautiful! I love your arrangement - & the keyboard voices - it's majestic & festive. lovely mix too.”

Robby Reverb - Artist

“They sound fantastic! :D”

top youtube review Chanel - Eye of Sol

“wow these are awesome!”

Andrew Roberts - CEO of Cosmic Logic

“Epic and evocative, makes me want to take off and fly," "Top notch production and mix.”

Artist - Feenix

“Pretty much exactly what I had in mind. Sounds awesome!”

Primofimo - Video game developer

“This track takes me back to the old Emerson Lake and Palmer days. Obviously a fan!”

Artist - Unitopia

“You did a wicked, wicked job on it by the way, we're f***ing totally stoked.”

Dean Lamb - Guitarist Of Archspire

“Incredable use of synth sounds!" "Never heard something like this before, it creates a very 'other-world' atmosphere. Really, I think this is the music of the future...”

Artist - Dasinu

“The rhythm pumped me up so much it made me want to punch someone!”

Artist - Beat Thief

“Wow, very cool. The high-hat is insistent, the theme is huge. The double bass drum is powerful. I'd listen to this again.”

Artist - Phil Lillard

“hey man F***ING LOVE your work. intro gave me a little bit of an orgasm not going to lie haha.”

Jordan Sy - Post audio mixer

“Amazing ambience, perfect balance in the production.”

Artist - 921

“the pulsating low tamber drumming and the twinkling of notes in between the exotic belly dancer tone, opens up for a landscape of imagination as wide as the saharah desert.”

Artist - Translations

““Very interesting, my alter ego LOL””

Artist - ShadowofNine

“This piece will mesmerize you as if it were the times when you stood up, watching the programming as mentioned.”

Artist - AshleyBeanHead

“cool work, love it! impressive production”

Artist - Dirigent

“Epic and evocative, makes me want to take off and fly," "Top notch production and mix." ”