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“Osology (George Gomez) took some time out to chat about his role in the event. “About a year ago I got involved with promoter Frankie Knuckles (he has worked with Psycho Realm and Soul Assassins). He mentioned doing a show for the less fortunate. Of Course I was instantly down for the cause. So he hooked it up.” I also asked Oso what he is up to musically. “I went solo.” He went on to say he almost left the game. “One night while in my office I decided f*ck that. The game is me, rapping is me, and hustling is what I do. It’s what I know. That night I went to Little Green (my studio) I made the track “I Be”. Osology is ready to be part of this awesome Holiday event and be back on stage tearing it up. I promise he does tear it up! I have seen him live and I urge you to do the same. This show promises to be nothing less than freaking epic. So grab a can and get out and support local music and the less fortunate.”

“If you have not been privileged enough to see [Osology] perform live together, your opportunity is not far away…Osology, a Hip Hop Rock band out of Riverside, CA, has been around since 2002 with numerous live shows and a catalog of recorded tracks and albums. When I asked Oso where the name Osology came from, he stated “The name comes from the research of Oso - the study of my life and what I have been through…Change in the music world is common and it is no stranger to Osology. This summer they have plans to release a new song “Summer Time”. When I asked Oso about being signed to a label he stated “You can do it yourself - run it like a business. Bring in the merchandise. We all know about ticket sales but there is more to it than that. I was signed to a label, I am not going to name drop, and they did me wrong. I walked away and am not signed at this time.” That being said, Osology is still in high demand. Check out their Facebook page for upcoming shows in your are”

“If you are from the IE you have no doubt heard of Osology…masters at engaging the crowd. Osology lets it be known they represent the IE music scene. They are energetic, tight, and put on a professional performance. I have seen them more than once and I have never been disappointed with a show. They keep getting better and better.”

“Top 100 Bands: Osology”

"Osology, the research and study of Oso". a.k.a George Gomez, formed a Hip Hop group in 2009 that is now considered "the hottest thing out of Riverside"