Oskar&Bruno / Press

“'A Un Passo Da Te', is a 15 track, Italian Language, Rock-"Jazzy Style"-Easy Listening Hybrid album. This Collection is Quite Unique in that it contains Distinctly Retro Rock Influences so thoroughly blended with a Jazzy( NOT Pure or Smooth Jazz) Influence that is Difficult to Pick Out Where One Begins and the Other Ends. In that Regard--Thinking of it as EZL is very Acceptable Compromise. Equally, the Collection has a Decidedly "Uptown On Saturday Night Feel" which is to say, Happy, Upbeat and Outgoing. Listeners who are Fans of the Stylish Horror Films from the late 1960s and Early 1970s--which starred actors such as Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee often depicted "Youth Culture and the Jet Set as Hip and Modern--Think Futuristic Globe Shaped TVs, Modular Chairs, Appliances Colored Avocado Green and in Nightclub scenes the Music Soundtrack was Extremely Similar to Arrangements in this Album. Musically, Bruno & Oskar sound GREAT! .... visit link for full comment”

“Ah, l'Italie ! Un album très varié en style musical, ce qui est très agréable. La voix est plaisante, un brin sensuelle. La langue italienne sera toujours aussi séduisante, surtout lorsqu'elle est accompagnée d'aussi belles mélodies. Au plaisir de vous réécouter. PS : il n'y a que 15 pistes et non 16. Un oubli lors du téléchargement ou une erreur dans le commentaire de l'album ?”

“Grande! Ciao!))) You gave me real pleasure with this album! It's sunshiny, warm, tasty and extremely cozy!)))))) Like a warm spring draft in Winter that turns a cold day into a little festivity))). Mille grazie for this music and for the special emotion and mood it gives!))) Catherine ”