Osaka Street Cutter / Press

“With the Olde Towne Team ready to take on those pesky Cardinals from St. Louis tonight at Fenway Park, Osaka released the acoustic track, “October Baseball,” today via YouTube. It’s not too Sox specific — no weird lyrical wordplay involving “Ellsbury” or “Pedroia” — but it captures the magic of cold-weather baseball and the allure of the Fall Classic.”

“The lyrics tell a story and the vocal style changes throughout the song to drive the story home. The background "woahs" really make you feel what the lead vocals are saying, and it almost made me think I was listening to a Say Anything song.”

“The music is a polished, electro aided pulse wave guided by a bevy of upbeat, dreamy instrumentation that reels you in with dashing guitar riffs and a strong vocal refrain that puts you in awe the very moment you first hear them”

“If you’re seeing Osaka live, you can expect some great audience interaction, storytelling, and fun tunes. Godfrey warns that onstage, he often becomes a “lousy comedian.” He’s a better musician, let’s put it that way, but these guys are very laid back, and clearly want to make sure the audience is having a great time.”

“Osaka reminds you what it's like to be 17 and wondering if you'll be home in time before the sun comes up.”

“The next band, Osaka Street Cutter, has gathered quite a lively crowd, which is an impressive feat, considering how early it still is in the afternoon. The band mentions something about an after party and I have to smile, as I look at my watch; will that mean the “late night” party will begin at 7:00pm? Osaka Street Cutter has a distinctive, post-grunge, late ’90s sound to them. Bandmates trade instruments and humbly nod in appreciation as the crowd applauds. They play a song named after some liquor store, and the crowd looks like they are on the verge of a dance party. By the end, the house is shouting for an encore; the bassist, John Godfrey, replies that’s his favorite cable channel too. You can’t help smile. These kids put on a great show.”