The Ori Naftaly Band / Press

“For Ori Naftaly its all about Energy and Soul. He approaches the Blues with the Greatest Respect”

“I have seen Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Peter Green, John Lee Hooker and many others performing live and I am very happy to see that young talented musicians like Ori Naftaly & Eleanor Tsaig are entering the scene”

“A Lovely Album, with new arragments that we enjoyed listening to.”

“Ori and friends have produced a really cool blues record with 'A True Friend is Hard To Find' - I played the title track with Eleanor Tsaig on a recent show and it sounded awesome. To do the songs live in the studio was a master stroke and the use of special guests brings a freshness and vitality to these great old songs. Highly recommended.”

“The first time I heard Ori Naftaly it immediately caught my ear, a true blues sound, hard driving guitar with a certain smoothness.The Ori Naftaly Band are on their way up”

“Ori Naftaly have touched something in my soul, just when i thought i was jaded and hardened. along comes a burst of energy, seemingly from nowhere an energy honed on many hours of listening to blues from the Mississippi delta, from juke joints, from Bars in Chicago and soaking up these sounds and incorporating them into their music in an original way. I have just spent 2 weeks tagging along with this crew who have welcomed me as a devoted follower and i have spent time enough at their gigs to say these guys are good, good and almost great. They are hungry and eager to learn and their virtuosity leaps in bounds before my eyes. Ori is an old soul despite his tender years and i see in him the spirit of a black skinned blues man from the Mississippi lowlands. He gets the blues. He often says he is on a mission from God and i am inclined to believe him”

“On his album, Ori Naftaly had a right idea - a trip to the time when the blues was made live.. As fresh as here, the classics for me lately have sounded so rare and unique.”

“There are not many albums that remind me of "Star Trek" and "Beam me up, Scotty", but on the other hand, there are not many albums you find that light up a different place and different period, directly from the first chords. An Excellent blues album of Ori Naftaly and friends, takes you straight to the deep of the Delta, Chicago and other sources of the blues”

“When you`re listning to Ori Naftaly`s album, you can feel a burst of blues-rock energy that makes you move to the music. I just can't stand still.”

“Ori Naftaly's latest album has so much quality in it. It is excellent and the blues is a very cool and powerful, Ori Naftaly, once again shows his great ability as a blues musician, congratulations”

“On Each song on the album, you could feel the diffrent geners that Naftaly can play. Naftaly - who produced the album - managed to adapt itself to each of them. His charm and charisma also expressed the great sounds he produces from the guitar. The best thing that happaned to the local blues scene in the past years.”

“We knew why we wanted Naftaly to be responsable of the Guitar section on our magazine - He's on his way to the top !”

“The recording is very enjoyable to listen to with Ori and friends swinging between Chicago style blues to blues rock. Ori is a talented player. I particularly like his playing on I'm 19 Years Old, Almost Cut My Hair and It's a Mans World and the vocals by Roy Young on It's a Man's World are strong. Check out this release. I think that you'll find great, and an interesting listen.”